Tahoe Winter Couple Activities (That Aren't Skiing!)

If you aren’t a skier or a lover of winter, the words “We are headed to the mountains!” in February may fill you with dread. Don’t worry, as locals, we get it! And we want your Tahoe experience to be more than sitting in the lodge waiting for your friends or loved ones to get off the slopes. Which is why we have created this list of fun activities you and your partner can do in Lake Tahoe in the winter other than skiing (or snowboarding)!

Winter Picnic:

Snow doesn’t have to be wet and miserable. It can actually be magical and beautiful (if you wear the proper attire). So bundle up, grab some cozy blankets and snacks, and head out for a romantic, snowy picnic. Our favorite spots include heading down to the lake or, if it’s a windier day, seeking shelter in the trees. Tahoe has the most beautiful mossy trees that are stunning in contrast to the white snow and are the perfect backdrop for a couple’s picnic. Insider tip: Head to the lake around sunset for some amazing colors, just make sure to dress appropriately because, as soon as that sun goes down, it is CHILLLLLY!

Hot Tub

A hot tub in the snow…could it get any more romantic? If your partner has been out on the slopes all day, surprise them by planning a hot tub for two when they get back. Not only will their muscles thank you, but it’s a fun winter activity you can do together (that has nothing to do with being in the cold). Tahoe has many options for hot tubs. First check and see if the place you are staying has a spa/sauna or look into a day pass to some of the other hotels/recreation centers in the area that have them. Insider tip: Bring some snacks and some bubbly to make an afternoon out of it.


Not wanting to ski, but still wanting to get outside and get some exercise? Look no further, snowshoeing is for you! This activity is not only fun but also a great way to see more of the surrounding area. Take a walk down by the lake or back in the woods wherever you are staying. The great thing about snowshoes is you can literally walk anywhere with them and, with the amount of snow Tahoe has been getting this winter, we recommend snowshoeing over walking anyways! Insider tip: try snowshoeing at Sugar Pine Point on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. Not only does it have the lake but the trees in the area are gorgeous and you might even be lucky enough to find a beautiful Sugar Pine pinecone that hasn’t been buried in the snow.

Après Ski

No one says you have to ski in order to partake in Après Ski. “Après ski” comes from the French language and literally means “after ski,” usually meaning and afternoon of drinks and music after hitting the slopes. It is known to be a great time and a great way you can partake in a skiing related activity without having to deal with ski boots! Activities usually start around 3 or 4pm and you can look online to see exactly what each mountain has planned for the day!