Sunrise Hiking Elopement Overlooking Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is full of trails overlooking the lake. We love to see a couple take advantage of the gorgeous peaks and sunrises that we are so lucky to experience living in Tahoe. Mariana and Robert were married, and they celebrated their nuptials with a sunrise session overlooking the lake. Autumn Marie Photography captured this gorgeous day and shared with us her experience on this adventurous morning full of love. 

I knew from our first phone call that Mariana and Robert would become great friends and be even better clients! They are fun, adventurous, and kind. Their entire wedding was a backpacking theme, and they wanted to live out their mountain top elopement dreams, so we organized a sunrise post-wedding adventure session. If you’re on the fence about eloping and you want a regular wedding but still crave those epic adventure photos, I highly suggest doing a post-wedding adventure session. It gives you a chance to make some romantic memories with your new spouse, and it eases the stress of your wedding day timeline, allowing you to enjoy your time celebrating with your friends and family. Mariana and Robert have bagged a few peaks together and even got engaged on top of Mt. Whitney! When I asked Mariana if she pictured being in her wedding dress watching the sunrise on top of a mountain with the love of her life, she just smiled big and said: “This is exactly what I pictured us doing!

Congratulations Mariana and Robert, there is nothing cooler than a Tahoe bride in hiking boots! 


Photographer Autumn Marie Photography