Sun, Snow, and Love At The West Shore Cafe

The local saying goes if you don’t like the weather just wait five minutes and it will probably change. Lucky for Nicole and Brennan rain on your wedding day is known as good luck, so we are pretty sure that snow on your wedding day is an even better sign. Nicole and Brennan were married at the West Shore Cafe on a day when Lake Tahoe went from sun to snow and back again. Holly Shankland captured the magical day and shared with us a little more about this sweet couple.

As high school friends turned to sweethearts, they’d already been through so much together. The storm rolling through just added to the already present beauty. They almost welcomed it – another moment to pull each other in a little closer. The storm stayed through the whole ceremony, everyone was covering their heads with jackets and umbrellas, but they were all smiling like the weather was perfect – so in a sense, it was. I don’t think there was any other place in the world anyone there would have rather been.

People’s personalities always come out a little more when the snow falls. There was so much joy with a bride and groom like Nicole and Brennan alongside their family and lifelong friends. You could feel the power of their love, the strength of their relationship with those in attendance – it created the most beautiful space full of joy.

The light was so unique, everyone was happy, and Brennan was beaming as the snowflakes fell to a stop in his hair and on his suit. The wedding party was so much fun too, obsessed with their friends, and from wedding party photos in the snow to tequila shots before the ceremony all the way to the dance floor, they brought the party all day long.