Succulent Ideas For Your Mountain Wedding

Succulents are definitely trending this wedding season but with good reason. Succulents are beautiful, intriguing and organic. However, the best part about succulents is that they are available all year round! No matter what season you are thinking about getting married succulents are in season.

Succulents can stand alone beautifully or are easily accompanied by other plants, flowers and vines. They are so versatile you can incorporate them in more ways than just bouquets. Like the idea of having a flower crown but want something more unique? Try a succulent hair piece or crown, beautiful and green it’s sure to be a winning combination with your dress. This trend also pairs well as a stunning boutonniere for your partner. If you are looking to add color to your decorations, succulents bring life and add dimension to your table, aisle, decorations and any other area that may need sprucing up. And don’t forget about your cake! Succulents are a simple way to add greenery to your desserts and tie your wedding together!

There are so many ways to use succulents and so many different varieties it is easy to have fun and be creative picking them out and incorporating them into your wedding! A great feature about succulents is that you can use them after your wedding day! Consider planting them and creating a succulent garden as a permanent memory from your big day. Or using them as guest favors and give your guests a lasting memory from your big day.