Palisades Tahoe Showing Off at This Dreamy Micro Wedding!

Now, this is what we call serendipity at its finest! Jackie and Keith first laid eyes on each other at a Summer Boat Cruise concert back in 2015. Since then, they’ve gone on at least one every summer, seeing their favorite DJs, and reveling in the company of mutual friends.

That’s not the only thing they love to do together. The couple is also no stranger to the ski slopes. The first time the adventurous duo took to the slopes was when Jackie brought Keith to her home mountain of Bretton Woods in New Hampshire. A ski trip with their friends to Jay Peak, Vermont, soon followed.

That same year, Keith went on a two-week trip to Europe, and Jackie didn’t want to let him think he was single, so it was only logical that they became “official” a couple of days before he left.

Jackie was first introduced to Lake Tahoe in August 2016. And what made this trip extra special was that it was also the first time that Keith brought a girlfriend home. Needless to say, she fell in love with the area, and Keith’s parents couldn’t have been happier. So then, to the surprise of everyone but Jackie, Keith proposed against the backdrop of a picturesque snow-covered forest.

During their time together, they’ve tried it all: Long distance, lived a few blocks away in Cambridge and even got a cat together named Squaw. And if you guessed that he’s named after Squaw Valley, you are 100% correct! If you couldn’t tell the couple loves Squaw Valley by the cat’s name, then maybe the coordinates on Jackie’s wedding bracelet or Keith’s tie clip will give it away.

No detail was too small for the couple; they even engraved the mountains on Keith’s ring. And that’s also where they said their I do’s, surrounded by the scenic Sierra Nevada mountain range. To Jackie and Keith, Tahoe was the perfect choice to have their wedding. A significant area that not only plays a vital role in their past but definitely in their future. They literally couldn’t wait to show their friends why they are so obsessed with the place!

Like with most weddings, Keith and Jackie were not immune to change. They did, however, keep it as close to their original wedding plan as they could.

Although the COVID-19 restrictions meant that they had a reasonably small guest list, it made for a really intimate experience. Basically, just Keith and Jackie’s good friends and closest family were in attendance. “Keith and I got to spend basically the entire day together. We only didn’t see each other from when I put on my dress, and Holly drove me to the first looks spot, and Keith went with our videographer,” said Jackie. After the first look, the couple took a bunch of pictures on the side of Squaw Valley Road and got so many friendly waves and honks from people driving by to congratulate them. “It was such a nice feeling. We even met a couple of Squaw employees who commented on how nice it was to see weddings happen there again after COVID, and we felt so happy that we were able to have ours.” In true Keith and Jackie fashion, the wedding celebrations were concluded with a ski day the day after.

The couple calls Denver home these days, and with it being a mere two-hour flight from Tahoe, we think it’s the perfect choice because it’s close by when the mountains call them back!⁠

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