So You're Having a Friend Officiate Your Wedding

Are you planning on asking your best friend to marry you, or maybe your best friend asked you to marry them? It’s a HUGE honor, and a BIG deal to help your family or friends officially say ‘I Do.’ It’s also not something that most people know how to do, and that is where Meredith Richmond comes in to save the day! Meredith is not only an amazing officiant, but she also coaches people on how to officiate their loved one’s weddings as well! You might be thinking to yourself this is exactly what I need, where do I sign up? Lucky for you, Meredith is guest posting today and shared with us what potential officiants will learn from her courses and personal coaching.

Hi! I’m Meredith, and I am a wedding officiant in Lake Tahoe. Did you know that 50% of today’s couples are asking their friends and family to perform their wedding ceremony? They want a personal ceremony, to feel the connection and comfort of having someone they know standing by them as they step into their next chapter as a married couple. Whether you are a professional or a friend, it is such an honor to be asked to officiate a ceremony. However, it can also be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking at times.

This is where I come in!

Over the years, I have had wedding couples and planners come to me, asking for help to prepare their friend/family officiant, as well as with writing the ceremony. Many times, this occurs pretty late in the planning process, adding to the stress of the situation. Wedding couples have plenty on their plates, and the ceremony should be enjoyable and memorable.

As an officiant coach, I offer guidance to budding officiants on how to perform a wedding ceremony and write a ceremony script. My guidance saves hours of research! Through phone, video, or in-person chats, I educate people on a variety of ‘How-Tos’ when becoming an officiant.

  • How to become ordained as a minister, this is extremely important because it is required to make the marriage legal!

  • How to write a custom ceremony, including recognizing the couple’s beliefs of various spiritualities, agnostic, interfaith, and religious affiliations.

  • How to personalize the ceremony with the couple’s unique story and admirations.

  • How to incorporate a unity ritual, readings, and other elements into the ceremony.

  • How to plan and facilitate a rehearsal.

To get ‘Performance Ready,’ there are many key elements that add to the finesse and charm of delivering a ceremony. It helps to have some performance tips on hand when delivering the ceremony, and here are some key elements that are necessary to think about when preparing for the ceremony.

  • When will you arrive at the altar as the officiant, and how will you share your relationship with the couple to all of the guests?

  • What ceremony props you are responsible for, and where should you stand throughout the ceremony? I will also help you determine when the guests should sit and stand too!

  • Where will you stand throughout the ceremony? Will you move during the kiss or the exchange of rings?

  • How will you manage everything the rings, microphone, script?

It is such an incredible experience to hold the space and usher in-love couples into the next chapter of their lives. There is an invisible veil of energy that embraces everyone present at the moment of the ceremony. I leave every ceremony feeling so privileged and honored to be a part of such a sacred experience. It brings me great joy to see others excel and deliver heartfelt, unforgettable ceremonies with confidence. There is nothing better than when guests tell you that it was the best ceremony they have ever attended. If you decide to officiate a wedding for a friend or family member, you, too, will get to experience this unique joy, and I am ready to help you enjoy and excel at this extraordinary experience.

Thank you so much to Meredith, we hope her information and courses are helpful to all of you future officiants!