Snowy Family-Only Wedding in the Woods

Handel and Dominie’s snowy wedding in the woods makes us feel like we just entered a winter wonderland. Plus, it’s dripping with so many micro wedding goals that we couldn’t help but fall in love with it!

“Our wedding in Tahoe was literally everything that we wanted, and so much more. Looking back, all of our trips to Tahoe have always somehow worked out perfectly and brought us so much joy,” said newlywed Handel. Since he can remember, he has always been drawn to the mountains. So for the longest time, Handel wanted to share what he believed to be the most beautiful setting in the world with his future wife. And so he did!

Also, the timing of their wedding could not have been more perfect. After a several-week-dry spell, there wasn’t a drop of snow in sight when the duo drove to Tahoe from San Francisco. But as their family convoy of vehicles hit the mountains on the 80, the weather started to change. By the time they reached elevation, the snow was falling in earnest. So much so that they were worried whether everyone would make it safely to their Airbnb. Fortunately, they all made it there safely and woke up the following day to the sight he’s been dreaming about for years. Think trees sagging under the weight of the snow; large snowflakes continuing to slowly drift down; while somehow, the sun was peaking through the trees. “God decided to grace us on our day, with perfect weather, in charming Lake Tahoe, among the most important people in our lives.”

In addition to the perfect day, the couple also felt blessed with the most incredible local Tahoe vendors. “They all felt like close friends, willing to go the distance to make our day the most special, no matter the challenge.” So much so that when we ask them about their favorite part of the day, they struggle to name one. “Our little escape for a mini adventure and hot chocolate (just the two of us with Ruthanne Z.. after the ceremony!) was pretty amazing. We felt so showered with love and empowered for our next adventure together as Mr. and Mrs. Huang!”

Check out all the inspiring details in the gallery below.

Ruthanne Z. | Elopement Expert / Solstice Salon / Wilderland Studio Florist / Airbnb / Daniel George / Pronovias / Portland Leather / Tahoe House Bakery & Gourmet