Simple Signature Cocktails For Your Tahoe Wedding

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t look forward to an open bar at weddings. While beer and wine are a solid staple, a signature drink is a way to incorporate more of you and your partner’s favorites into your wedding. Have a drink the two of you love to get when you go out? Include it at the bar! If there is a story behind it don’t forget to share it with your guests, it’s the details like that guests love to hear! If alcohol is not something you share a similar taste for, his and her drinks are great and it gives your guests double the drink options. While people love a full open bar, your budget might not. Having a signature drink is a great way to include more than just beer and wine without having to fully stock a bar. Here are a few of our favorite easy signature cocktails that are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.

Champagne & Fruit

Simple, easy, delicious and perfect for summer. Garnish with a sugar rim and you have a delicious treat. If you’re really feeling adventurous try adding a sprig of lavender into your champagne, we’re telling you, you won’t regret it.


Who doesn’t love a Marg on a hot day (or really any day), tequila is a sure way to get the party started. If you want to make it more unique try flavored Margaritas such as strawberry or even jalapeno!

Moscow Mule

Delicious, refreshing and sure to be a crowd pleaser. The best thing about mules is there is so many variations. Traditionally made with vodka, the other ingredients pair well with many other alcohols. Add tequila to make it a Mexican mule, or whisky to make a Kentucky mule. As always coming up with a witty personalized name is always encouraged.