Should You Do A Makeup Trial For Your Tahoe Wedding?

There are so many details to track when it comes to planning your wedding and we know it can get overwhelming. But we’re here to tell you not to skip a makeup trial with your wedding day beauty team! A makeup trial ensures you are on the same page with your makeup artist and will love your wedding day look. In this post, we tap veteran makeup pro Nancy Rice for her expert advice on making the most of your makeup trial.


If you’ve researched a few different makeup looks on Pinterest but can’t decide which look will be best for you, you’re not alone! It is common to be indecisive about choosing a look for your big day. And even for brides who know exactly what they want, it’s important to be on the same page with your artist about what that means. Enter the makeup trial! “The trial gives you and your artist the opportunity to explore colors, different styles, and finalize the look you really want,” says Nancy.

A trial typically takes about 1-1½ hours. Your artist will talk to you about skin type, any specific concerns, and your desired look. Adds Nancy, “We look at colors and your individual face structure to determine what look works best for you.” Once the application is complete, Nancy writes the tools used on a face chart for the day of your wedding. She also gives helpful tips such as moisturizing and perhaps getting a facial before your wedding day to ensure your face is looking radiant and ready for makeup.


According to Nancy Rice, the two most important things a bride should bring to her trial are a clean face and pictures of your desired look, keeping in mind that faces are unique so a specific look will appear different on each person. In addition, she advises brides to keep an open mind and explain all your wishes and concerns to the artist. “The more we know, the better of an understanding we have – don’t be afraid to speak up. We are professionals and our job is to make you happy!” she adds. As with all of your wedding vendors, communication is key.


Nancy recommends scheduling your trial for 2-3 months before the wedding. This keeps the look fresh in the your mind and also limits the time where you can start second guessing your decisions!

Pro tip: If you are a Lake Tahoe destination bride, you’ll want to schedule your makeup trial for a pre-wedding trip to Tahoe. If that’s not possible, doing the trial prior to your rehearsal dinner is another option.

So there you have it – our top tips for a makeup trial with expert advice from Nancy Rice! Nancy and her elite team at Nancy Rice Artistry are an exclusive group of highly skilled artists for both hair and makeup, with extensive experience serving Lake Tahoe brides and bridal parties. To see more of their stunning work and reach out to Nancy, visit our vendor guide.

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