Savoring the Engagement

Life gives us some incredible and beautiful moments to share,and getting engaged is a big one. While it may be tempting to immediately share a photo of you and your soon-to-be with that gorgeous, new bling, it may be wise to take a moment to yourselves and savor. The moment you do you’ll likely be inundated with dozens (hundreds?) of phone calls and texts asking for details and to hear the story. As the cliche goes, life is short, and this big moment is once in a lifetime. Rather than jumping into the details with your second cousin once removed, consider a lighter approach to allow you to savor this loving, romantic time.

Your parents likely are already aware and waiting on the edge of their seats for the big news. Once you’ve shared with the family, instead of jumping straight on social media, consider a savoring approach to sharing details. Call your best friends individually, or make a lunch date or ladies night to share the excitement. You are telling your story, the story of your love and commitment, make it special by unveiling it as a surprise instead of blasting for your entire online following.

When you’re ready to share with the world, consider using an online platform (such as to share the detailed story on your wedding website to save you from telling the story a thousand times. The exciting part is that you have so many people that love you and want to hear your story a hundred times over; tell them all individually if that makes you happy! Writing your story with your partner can be another fun way to relive the precious moments.

Create a proposal memory box. Whether you were asked on the mountain tops of Lake Tahoe or on the couch while eating cereal, there are moments from that day that will far outlive many other memories. Creating this with your love and sharing why each chosen piece is special is another way to savor the moment before jumping into planning.

While everyone will be ecstatic and well-meaning, you may get unwanted and unsolicited planning or wedding advice. Coming up with a kindly phrase to allude to your happiness in this moment without wanting unsolicited advice will save you thinking one up on the spot: “We’re so excited to be engaged and have plenty of time to think about the details later on.” This is another space where creating a wedding website early will allow you to note this and share with your extended family and friends.

Some of you may want to jump right into planning and solidifying details. While this is fine, these suggestions are for savoring the moment and enjoying your brief time as a fiancee. If your fiance seems hesitant to commit to plans, remember that gorgeous, personal, financial commitment you wear on your ring finger. That likely was the biggest purchase of his or her life to date and a small amount of time may be needed to enjoy the moment before considering large-scale future financial commitments (like flowers, a venue, feeding 200 friends and family.. You know!).

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