Rosé: The Drink and Color of Tahoe Summer Weddings

Rosé all day seems to be the anthem of Lake Tahoe summers and for good reason! Not only is it delicious, but it’s pink, and have you ever heard of frosé? If not you’re welcome. Frosé (or frozen rosé) is a combination of rosé, sugar, strawberries, lemon juice, vodka and grenadine blended into one delicious fruity punch sure to be a massive hit with your wedding guests. Bottled or blended rosé is here to stay and is bound to be a hit with not only the ladies of your wedding party but also the men! Crisp and refreshing rosé hits it out of the park every time.

If you’re like us and obsessing over rosé, consider incorporating it into your color pallet. Rose and rose gold are soft and stunning and pair well with so many other colors. First consider your flowers, rosé colored flowers fit into most bouquet color schemes. Our favorite of these looks is rosé colored flowers paired with soft pastel colors and flowers such as peonies and of course roses.

Next look into incorporating rose hues into your decorations and table settings. How gorgeous are these rose gold chairs featured below? The great thing about rose or rosé colors is there are so many different shades of this color and you can really go wild with using a combination of all of them. Whatever way you decided to use rosé whether it is for drinking or in your floral bouquet you won’t be disappointed.