Romantic Destination Wedding at Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

Set against a breathtaking Lake Tahoe backdrop, this romantic affair is all sorts of stunning. Think soft details, lush blooms and a beachfront ceremony that screams summer! The couple, Sidney and Greg, knew they wanted a mountain lakefront setting and booked their venue site unseen. The Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and Casino in Incline Village was everything the adventurous couple dreamed of, a mountain location with the most gorgeous white sand beach. One of our favorite hair and makeup stylists, Greco Rose Beauty, was there to make sure the beautiful bride was looking her best. Watch how the day unfolded in the gallery captured by the lovely Chelsea Nicole Photography. HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__024HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__001HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__002HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__004HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__005HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__006HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__010HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__012HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__011HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__016HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__018HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__017HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__020HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__013HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__014HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__015HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__022HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__025HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__027HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__029HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__030HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__033HyattLakeTahoeWedding_ChelseaNicolePhotography__032 From the photographer~ Sidney and Greg are that perfect mix of active, fun and adventurous. The outdoors are their idea of cozy comfort perfection! So when planning their ideal day, they simply let their fond memories of Sidney’s family lake-hours guide them to a different lake that they’d never been to before: Lake Tahoe.Site unseen. Booked! Now that’s adventurous! Not to worry though; The Hyatt Regency Resort is a venue I’m very familiar with, and their mountain retreat in the beautiful Incline Village delivered the best of all worlds – breathtaking backdrops, fun activities for guests and plenty of adventure opportunities!The day started getting ready in the private lakeside cottages followed by a romantic ‘first look’ where Sidney and Greg got to see each other for the first time before joining their families for pictures. Having spent a lot of time hiking and exploring with these two for their engagement shoot, I have to admit, seeing Sidney and Greg exchange first looks kind of made my heart flutter! I know they’ve been waiting years just to experience this perfect tiny little moment in time! Afterward they celebrated their ceremony lakeside, at the Hyatt’s beautiful stretch of private beach by the Pier surrounded by all their favorite people. This day was the perfect start of an amazing new adventure (the best adventure!) for Sidney and Greg. And I happen to think they rock the “Happy New Mr & Mrs” look quite well! 🙂

Chelsea Nicole Photography / Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe / Greco Rose Beauty / Watters Wtoo / Rose Petals Florist / Lucky Devils Band / Mark Frady