Proof Cabins are Perfect for Wedding Photos 

While Lake Tahoe weddings are known for pictures of the lake and the mountains and the beautiful alpenglow shots, one aspect of Tahoe that is highly overlooked are the cabins. Part of the Tahoe charm are the tiny log cabins that have been here since the 50s, 60s and even longer. From the classic A frame houses to the cabins that actually look like they were made out of Lincoln Logs, Tahoe has it all and we are here to tell you they make for the most adorable wedding photos. There is something about them that brings you back in time and they create almost a cozy hometown feel.

These rustic cabins can be so romantic and photos in front of a home are a way to symbolize the start of your life together as a married couple. Cabins can be dark and the contrast between your dress and the wood of the cabin is stunning and almost creates a romantic mysterious kind of shot. With so many cabins to choose from it might feel overwhelming to find just one. Consider coming up before your big day to go cabin hunting to find the perfect one to match the look you are going for (always make sure to ask for permission of course if necessary). If you have a family cabin in Lake Tahoe or a cabin that you have been going to for years that holds special memories, this is a great way to create new memories in that special place.

Whether it is an engagement photo shoot or wedding photos post ceremony, cabin shots are romantic and intimate and are definitely one not to miss out on on your wedding day. The way we like to think about it is; come for the lake, stay for the cabins.