Personalizing your Wedding with One Fine Day Events

There are so many decisions you will have to make from the start to finish of your wedding day. A good wedding planner is the best way to alleviate some of the stress that comes with planning a wedding. Tahoe Unveiled has a list of our favorite wedding planners in the area, you can take a look at that list here. One of those members is One Fine Day Events, we sat down with the owner of OFD, Marci Bogs, she gave us a look into what the start of their process looks like. 

“At One Fine Day Events, we like to bring in a couple’s love story.” Marci, the company’s owner and lead planner, told us. “We learn their story, then we make recommendations based on that with our signature design process.” They have developed a process that gets to know their couple’s likes and dislikes. They get to learn their engagement story, their favorite places and restaurants, how they fell in love with one another, all the things that speak to their souls. Furthermore, they use that inspiration to curate design decisions, ranging from where you choose to get married to the specific color of napkins for your place settings. All of those things are ways they tell a couple’s story.

If on your first date together, your partner gave you daisies and roses, you might want those flowers to be the centerpiece for your floral arrangements. Or you bonded on your love for pineapple on pizza, so you have Hawaiian pizza for your late night snack. Perhaps you went on your first date to a bar, and you ordered a drink to seem cool, and now it has become your thing together, now you want it for your signature cocktails. There are countless ways to insert your story into the design of your wedding.

Another way that OFD helps you personalize your wedding is unique escort walls. Their couples use escort walls as a means to make their guests feel welcome and known. A Lot of OFD clients have used their escort walls to write handwritten notes to each of their guests. Marci let me in on a wedding this summer. They have a client who makes gin at their family’s cabin on the lake, so for their ‘escort wall’ they will have mini bottles of gin for each guest. Escort walls are one of OFD’s favorite ways to personalize the wedding day. 

Remember, your wedding day is more than just napkin colors and place settings, but those things can be an important way to bring in your story. It is okay to get caught up on those things, this is your wedding day.