Our Favorite Hairstyles For A Tahoe Bride

Tousled waves, a chic chignon, or a swoon-worthy braid are just a few of the gorgeous ways a bride can create an unforgettable wedding day hairstyle. And, after hours on Pinterest looking for said hairstyle, you might be slightly unsure of what you are looking for. To help you out, Michelle Campbell, owner of Love is in the Hair shared with us her favorite hairstyles for the Tahoe bride, and they are so dreamy! She also gave us a little insight into what went into the style too. You are definitely going to be adding them to your list.

The bridal braid is one of our favorites, and we are not anticipating it to go away any time soon. By adding a braid to any hairstyle, up or down, it’s a sure way to create visual interest and boho style.

This bride’s dazzling hairpiece is the perfect glamorous addition. A hair accessory on a bride is the ideal way to add a unique touch to her look. Adding an accessory adds so much visual interest to any hairstyle and sets the hairstyle apart from the bridal party. This is a great way to elevate your style, and you are the bride, after all!

Is there a better way to celebrate than with flower crowns for you and your bride tribe? Incorporating flowers to your hair always adds a fresh and lively vibe to any hairstyle. For the Tahoe bride, there is no better way to embody nature and the great outdoors.

The way this bride and her maids had similar hairstyles was such a fun way to create a unified bridal party vibe. We love seeing a bride tribe fully represented with coordinating styles. With this look, you can use a variety of variations of a half-up style while still creating a beautiful visual cohesiveness.

Hair extensions are perfect for a wedding day. Hair extensions are not only used for adding length but are the best way to create fullness. We love extensions for going the distance too. They are an added layer of insurance, as the extension hair holds a curl or waves much longer than natural hair. They also add unbelievable shine o any style.

Another unique, fashion-forward trend for the boho bride is adding a hat to your bridal style. It’s bold, it’s boho, and we love it! This is for the Tahoe bride who isn’t afraid to make a statement.

This updated version of the classic chignon is an absolute favorite of ours! This look is timeless, but it has a more relaxed vibe than the original chignon. With added texture and a whimsical flow, this look is effortless and relaxed, making it perfect for a Lake Tahoe wedding.

A High Pony is SO fashion-forward and a great way to add a little fun sophistication to your wedding day style. We love this top trending look and hope to see more brides select this style in the 2020 wedding season.

If you’ve got it flaunt it! This bride has amazing full, thick, and long hair and the all down look was an amazing option. Show off that fantastic asset! If you know you feel more confident with your hair down, your wedding day is not the time to wear it up. If your locks are your signature style, wear them down and pick your dress accordingly.

A bride’s beauty on her wedding day truly shines from the inside out, but a gorgeous hairstyle always helps to make the day even prettier! Love Is In The Hair is a local salon and member of Tahoe Unveiled. Learn more about them and their work on their vendor profile page.