Ombre Dresses To Dye For

This wedding season the ombre look isn’t just for hair and nails, we are seeing more and more of this trend pop up in wedding dresses. Ombre is when a lighter color (such as white) gradually blends into a darker shade or color, this can mean dip-dyed, airbrushed or layered in wedding dresses. This can be a way to add a pop of color into your dress if you’re looking for something slightly less traditional.

While we are loving the ombre look, there are definitely dos and don’ts to this trend. Pictured below are some of the looks we are loving.


Subtle dyes at the end of your skirt or train or light shades of added color are a beautiful way to add color without going over the top. Pastel colors or a light blue or grey are our personal favorite ombre colors. Do incorporate the color you choose into the rest of your wedding theme! This is a great way to tie your dress and your flowers together so make sure they complement each other.


Darker colors or very bright colors can be a bit intense and can often catch the eye away from the rest of your look. Don’t dye your entire dress, the beauty of ombre is that it is subtle. Having too much of your dress dyed can look a bit tacky or a bit like a prom dress if you aren’t careful. When it comes to ombre, less is more in our opinion.

When done right ombre wedding dresses can be stunning and unique and sure to be one that your guests remember forever. They are a great way to be creative and let more of your own personality shine through in your dress.