Music in the Mountains with Chris Waechter 

The moment every wedding guest is waiting for is when the bride walks down the aisle. We can’t imagine a sweeter way to walk down the aisle than being serenaded by the beautiful sound of a violin. That’s where Lake Tahoe Violin owner Chris Waechter brings his talent and emotion to make any ceremony stand out.

Tying together both classical and contemporary music Lake Tahoe Violin can play whatever your heart desires at your ceremony and cocktail hour. Nothing is better than your guests loving the cocktail hour music so much they start boogieing down before the reception begins! Chris said that he sees that all the time. He provides such a wide breadth of music that guests often start their dancing at the cocktail hour, while he plays everything from Adele to Eddie Vedder.

Playing the violin for 14 years Chris loves playing weddings because of the happiness he gets to experience and the way that his music contributes to making the wedding unforgettable. He said, “It always brings me great joy when guests come up to me and comment on how beautiful the music was. Most people are often surprised about how much a live acoustic instrument can add to special moments like these.”

Whether you are having a black-tie wedding at the Ritz Carlton, or a pirate themed ceremony on the Thunderbird Boat the violin can be played anywhere. Yes, he has taken part in a pirate themed wedding on a boat in the middle of Lake Tahoe! He can even jam along with a DJ at your reception.

Having a violin at a wedding sounds romantic, classic and memorable. Chris loves the unique element it brings to a wedding, “I believe violin brings a live acoustic element that is unparalleled in music. Often when we hear music today it’s from a digital recording. Although also incredibly beautiful, there is something striking about the way a live violin can convey emotion. When you see a musician play in person, it gives you the sense that something unique is happening. You can see, hear, breathe, and relax in the music. This is especially true for the wedding environment.”

We couldn’t agree more and hope you check out Chris’ website at for more details and head on over to his member profile on Tahoe Unveiled at Lake Tahoe Violin. We know booking with Chris will help make your wedding an unforgettable experience.