Mountaintop Proposal

So imagine this, your boyfriend says let’s go get coffee and suddenly you are whisked away by helicopter to a recreation of your first coffee date with your favourite beverage prepared and waiting for you but ON TOP OF THE WORLD. You stand next to each other, snuggled up keeping warm and admiring the millions of miles ahead of you. The moment is finally here; he gets down on one knee and asks those 4 little words you’ve been waiting to hear for so long. You scream yes, place that gorgeous rock on your finger and walk hand in hand over to your picnic to celebrate before flying back down. That is exactly how it happened for Beth and Allan. See all the special moments below: 232958-9855-mytuSeH-lovmedia232959-9855-vYMUmub-lovmedia232961-9855-Dy7A4AP-lovmedia232962-9855-XaWyde5-lovmedia232965-9855-YbynaPu-lovmedia232967-9855-ysy5yZE-lovmedia232969-9855-VAdaTym-lovmedia232984-9855-YMYqU8A-lovmedia232970-9855-huXEHY2-lovmedia232972-9855-Xy2E2UM-lovmedia232973-9855-We3yguj-lovmedia232974-9855-U8YmaQe-lovmedia232977-9855-Se8EJa6-lovmedia232979-9855-eVY2Upa-lovmedia232980-9855-bE4uvUS-lovmedia232981-9855-U4eDUDU-lovmedia232982-9855-Emu9yvA-lovmedia232983-9855-jABujEL-lovmedia232985-9855-Y4YNE5u-lovmedia From the planner, Sweetheart Events ~ Living on the West Coast surrounded by mountains I feel so lucky to go explore and use the outdoors as my backdrop. This mountain top coffee date turned proposal was a mixture of highlighting the beauty of our surroundings here in Vancouver and my love for personalizing every proposal as a reflection of the couple’s love story together. Using a combination of Allan’s love for flying (he’s a helicopter pilot), Beth’s love for coffee and their mutual love for adventure this mountain top proposal came to life with the most perfect sunset captured by Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo Akisawa.

Simply Sweet Photography by Nomo Akisawa / Sweetheart Events / Celsia Florist / Sky Helicopter / Harling’s Jewelers / Rocky Mountain Bride