Moon Inspired Wedding Decor

I love you to the moon… and back!

With the multiple eclipses, super moons and other celestial events this past year the fascination with the moon seems to keep growing and growing. And with good reason! The moon is romantic, and gorgeous and such a symbol of love! As the famous saying goes “I love you to the moon and back”. Why not incorporate that love into your wedding.

With Lake Tahoe being as big and open as it is, there is a good chance the actual real moon will make an appearance at your wedding. If you are a lover of the moon why not use this as an opportunity to tie nature and the beauty that is already around you into your decorations. The best thing about the moon, is that it goes with any theme, color palette and you can see it in any season. The moon is never out of style. We especially love the use of constellations and the phases of the moon in wedding décor. You could get even more creative and see which phase of the moon the moon will be in on your big day and find a way to incorporate that into your decorations.

But why stop at the moon? The moon, the stars, the sun or whatever other astrology inspired ideas you might have, there are so many beautiful and unique ways to add a celestial vibe into your Lake Tahoe wedding.


Celestial seating chart Addison Jones Photography / moon phases on plate Maggie Grace Photography, / couple on moon with dog Bek & Addison Photography / constellation invitations Mathias Fast / crescent moon backdrop with rug Dearheart Photos / Table with embroidered constellations Jack Rodriguez Photography / Bride and Groom kissing with moon in background Allison Markova Photography / berry moon cake and moon with sofa Jessica Manns Photography / Sun and moon chairs, mirror and blue cake Elisa Watkins Photography