Macrame Magic

Macramé is a free-formed hanging decoration made from rope, twine or leather knotted into geometric shapes and sizes and its been sweeping through the wedding scene. From hanging plant fixtures to macramé backdrops at the end of the aisle, we can’t get enough of this knotted geometric goodness. While this gorgeous décor hails from the Middle East and was used for camels and horses in the desert, we are all for bringing it to the mountains.

What we love about Macramé as well, is that it’s homemade. If you are a crafty bride (or groom) looking for a way to get more involved in your wedding, this is a great way to show off your DIY skills. If you are not one to jump at a craft opportunity, don’t fret, everyone has someone who is more than happy to get a little crafty and help with your big day. This is also a great way to incorporate loved ones into your big day and it will make your macramé mean that much more. It is also a wedding souvenir you can keep and save and reuse in your house to remind you of your special day. Plus macramé home décor is so stylish and fun.

The natural dark green and blue of Tahoe is a perfect contrast to the white macramé looks great with any wedding décor or theme. You can also get a bit wild with it and add other colors or ribbons or flowers into your macramé! With so many fun ways to use it you won’t know where to stop. View the gallery below for some craft inspiration!