Lavender Ideas for Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Lavender: A beautiful natural herb that is calming, relieves anxiety and also smells and looks amazing. There are so many reasons to love lavender and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your wedding. One thing we love about Lake Tahoe weddings is how easy it is to incorporate all aspects of nature into your mountain wedding. It is effortless to slip lavender into your wedding décor and it doesn’t just look great, it smells and even tastes great too.

Lavender is a symbol of devotion, grace and calmness, all good things to wish for on your wedding day. There are many types of Lavender and their beautiful purple blue color is stunning and fragrant in any bouquet or flower crown. Lavender is also a great addition to any floral arrangement or table decoration and looks great both fresh and dried.

But don’t just stop at bouquets and floral arrangements! Lavender is not just a smell, it’s a flavor and boy are we loving the taste of lavender! Lavender infused cocktails are our personal favorite. It’s good with pretty much every type of alcohol and gives most drinks a summery refreshing taste. To match your lavender infused cocktails, try lavender infused wedding cake! Whether its lavender infused frosting or lavender baked right into the cake, lavender cakes are unique and delicious and sure to be a cake your guests won’t forget!

An older wedding tradition that goes back many generations is the throwing of rice or confetti at newlywed couples on their way out on their way to their honeymoon. We suggest throwing lavender. Not only does it smell better but it’s better for the environment.