Lake Tahoe Golf Club Wedding

Lake Tahoe

March 30, 2017

Tahoe Unveiled

The Sierra Nevada's evoke a certain romance; dappled light cascades through the tall pine forest creating the perfect backdrop for a picturesque wedding. Stephanie and Rob were taken with Tahoe's beauty and chose to make Lahontan Golf Club in Truckee, CA the location for their destination wedding. A wonderful group of wedding vendor Lake Tahoe wedding vendors helped make this a perfect day for the couple.  Art In Bloom and La Tavola Linen coordinated to create an elegantly bright style mixed with blues, purples, oranges and pinks. Johnstone Studios captured the day beautifully and  Hip Entertainment kept the dance floor full!lake-tahoe-wedding-photographer-24

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From the Bride~ The Proposal - It was Rob's birthday weekend, and we decided to go to Buena Vista for Irish Coffees then walk to grab lunch. After a couple Irish Coffees, I felt pretty good as we started on our way. We came to this pier and Rob suggested that we go out to look at the view. It was rather cold, but he assured me we wouldn't be out there for too long. After a while admiring the view, he started saying all these sweet things to me. I thought, "This is a little bit more sappy than usual..." and next thing I knew he was on one knee. I was in shock! I immediately thought, "I need to remember this moment" as a friend of mine got engaged a few weeks prior and said everything was so exciting and such a blur that wished she remembered everything more clearly. After a few seconds, Rob got nervous and asked if I was going to say anything, and of course I said yes.We decided to get married in Truckee because my family has had a place in Lahontan for 10+ years, plus Rob and I have shared so many wonderful memories there.The ceremony was a unique combination of both our family traditions - a Greek Orthodox ceremony (my side of the family) in a Catholic Church (Rob's side of the family).We had several special moments! We had many "big fat Greek wedding" moments throughout the ceremony and the reception - the crowns used in the ceremony were my grandmothers, Greek dancing music while the band went on break, trays of baklava, and of course, my dad presented Rob and I Windex and a copy of the 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' moving during his Father of the Bride speech. I also work in social media, so Rob's brother spoke in hashtags during his speech. Rob's family is in the beer distributor business, so of course we had to honor the family tradition by serving his favorite beers. Rob also played the piano during his younger days (even at Carnegie Hall!) so he selected all the ceremony music. My 91-year-old grandpa flew cross-country to celebrate the big day with us!