Lake Tahoe and Mountain Wedding Table Number Ideas 

The fun of planning your Lake Tahoe wedding can be in the details. Details allow you to incorporate more of the things that you as a couple love into your wedding. They can be a way for your guests to get to know you better and personal details are usually the ones people remember most about your wedding.

While table numbers might not be a detail you thought much about before, there are a few ways you can get creative with them. For your mountain wedding, table numbers can be a way to incorporate the outdoors. Using wood or parts of trees for your table numbers is a great way to incorporate the outside scenery into your tables and is a creative way to make your tables a little more rustic.

Looking for more ways to add color or patterns to your tables? We are loving big crystal or agate pieces and colorful tile squares. Both of these options are a sure way to add a pop of color and flare to your table decorations. If you’re looking for something not as bright, sea glass or succulents are a beautiful addition to any table. Lastly, if you’re looking for that creative way to add more of yourselves into the reception, make your table numbers personal! Pick something that is important to you guys as a couple and make the table numbers revolve around that theme. Maybe it is places you as a couple have visited together or Ski Mountains you have skied at together. Or maybe it’s a picture of the both of you at every age of the table number (sure to be a guest favorite).