Kyle + Madi’s Squaw Valley Wedding – Plus Tips from the Bride!

Madi and Kyle got married on a beautiful summer day at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Squaw Valley, California, because they wanted a place that had both mountains and sunshine. Planned by She Said Yes Wedding and Events and captured by Mark Tuzman, this wedding had all the elements of a classic mountain wedding. As if these photos weren’t enough, the bride graciously provided us with some of her tips and tricks for having a wedding in Tahoe and her favorite memories from the day. Read on below to learn more about Madi and Kyle’s “best day of their lives”.

Advice for future brides: anything you loved about the process of planning your wedding?

We were very intentional about the ways we prioritized certain elements of our wedding day. As we budgeted and planned out our big day, we listed the elements of the wedding that were most important to us. For us, we wanted the ceremony to feel sacred and serious, but the reception to be the biggest celebration! Once we mapped out our values and priorities, we were able to do the fun stuff such as flowers, menu selections, etc. But starting with the elements we felt were most important allowed us to ensure that those needs were met before we got bogged down in all the little details!

We chose Squaw Valley because we wanted our wedding to feel like true Northern California. My husband is from Pennsylvania, so his family was traveling thousands of miles to celebrate our big day, and we had friends coming in from all over the country. We wanted them to experience the beauty of Northern California in all its magnificence, and the Lake Tahoe area is hands-down the place to do that. My mom wanted guests to feel appreciated and celebrated and the Resort at Squaw Creek does that very well! But the main reason was my husband and I wanted to be under the sun and by the mountains. The Resort at Squaw Creek was the perfect place for a beautiful, elegant wedding while still maintaining the whimsical feels of the outdoors.

We decided to work with Keri from “She Said Yes Wedding and Events” and she was wonderful. I cannot emphasize enough how important it was to have a Day-Of Coordinator for our wedding! And especially one who is familiar working in your venue. Keri jumped in with us just a few weeks before the wedding and was incredible! Having her there meant my family could relax and enjoy the day, instead of worrying about last-minute snafus or seating chart issues.

Anything you liked in particular about the wedding day?

I always thought people were exaggerating when they said that their wedding was the best day of their life, but I really might be convinced! Our wedding was the best day for us because it was a day filled with all the people we love the most, celebrating the covenant of marriage in joy and delight. I was thankful we did not do a first look because it meant that I was able to spend all day with my bridesmaids and my family, and really look forward to the ceremony. Seeing Kyle for the first time as I walked down the aisle – with my mom beside me and our whole community next to me – reflected that our marriage was about more than ourselves. Inviting everyone into that special moment felt like saying “thank you for what you helped create.” Every guest at our wedding played an important role in our relationship, and we wanted to acknowledge that we wouldn’t be where we were that day if it wasn’t for them.

The funny thing about our wedding day was that I never once felt nervous. The whole day I was filled with such a sense of peace and true excitement! So as I walked down the aisle and throughout the whole ceremony, I just felt like pure joy! Our ceremony was longer than most, but that’s because we placed high importance on it. Then, guests were able to enjoy a cocktail hour while we took a golf cart gallivanting around the property for pictures! It was so fun to be with just Kyle then because we were finally married, and were able to share an hour just us two together.

What was your favorite memory or memories?

My favorite memories include: sitting in our suite drinking coffee and getting ready with all my best friends. I remember looking around and thinking “All my favorite people are here – this is the best!” Walking down the aisle and seeing Kyle for the first time, watching him as he cried, even though he said he wouldn’t! Serving communion as our first act as a married couple. And dancing to “Yeah!” by Usher for our first dance – we really got the party started!