Job Description: Maid of Honor

You’ve probably been waiting decades for your sister or best friend to ask you the ultimate honor: to be her maid of honor, but what exactly does that entail? While every bride is different, chances are you have some work ahead of you. But before you start to panic, we have you covered, remember this is meant to be fun! While your main job doesn’t start until the wedding day itself (think: emotional support, comedian, stylist, ultimate speech giver) you’ll also most likely be enrolled in planning a bachelorette and maybe even coordinating bridesmaid dresses. Even though every bride is different and your level of involvement may vary, chances are you may be dipping your toe into the planning and occasionally providing your opinion and feedback. It can be a big job so consider all of this before committing to the role. To make yours and her life easier, here is a list of some potential expectations for your new role!


  • Providing feedback on anything and everything from floral arrangements, bridesmaid dresses, invitations and seating charts.
  • Arranging bridesmaid dress fittings and bridal dress fittings.
  • Planning the bachelorette and if it is destination coordinating payments of other guests, arranging transportation, food, activities, strippers…
  • Host a bridal shower if your bride is opting for this tradition.
  • Attend all celebrations pre-wedding.
  • Act as a host for all parties leading to the wedding.
  • Be the contact person for guests’ questions day of, such as, where do we park at the venue?

Wedding Day

  • Act as the liaison between bride and groom.
  • Coordinate delivery of the bride and groom gifts.
  • Ensure all bridesmaids are timely for hair and makeup appointments.
  • Hold the bride’s train for her gown.
  • Learn how to bustle the bride’s gown (best practiced ahead of time).
  • Coordinate payments for vendors with the bride ahead of time and work with the planner day-of.
  • Knock ’em dead with a funny, emotional, heartfelt speech
  • Dance with the awkward, quiet groomsman when asked.
  • Dance with the bride and bridesmaids. If the bride wants to dance, you dance!
  • Take care of the bride’s belongings. If she removes her shoes, place them somewhere safe.
  • Safekeeping of the gown if the bride and groom leave immediately for their honeymoon.

While this might seem like a daunting list, odds are it will be remarkably fun and enjoyable. Remember that the bride asked you for your amazing ability to energetically lift spirits and provide support. This is a great honor and remember to thoroughly enjoy this amazing day in your friend’s life.