Is An Elopement Or A Microwedding For You?

The year 2020 has brought with it many changes. In the world of weddings, which has been dramatically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, one new phenomena is the rise of the microwedding. You may have heard this word on social media and wedding websites and, in this post, we explain what a microwedding is and how they differ from elopements.

What is a Microwedding?

In a nutshell, microweddings have emerged as a new alternative to a traditional, large wedding. Most people using this term will be assuming 10 – 50 guests and a celebration that includes all or most of the standard wedding elements – a ceremony, cocktail reception, dinner party, and dancing. Some couples may opt for cocktails and heavy hors d’oeuvres only and some may also forego dancing, but include ceremony and cocktail hour music.

Microweddings can be held at traditional venues or, depending on size, at a private residence. Because they are essentially a smaller version of a large wedding, microweddings will utilize a variety of vendors, including a photographer, videographer, caterer, florist, rentals, musicians/DJ, and sometimes a planner. All of the venues on the Tahoe Unveiled vendor guide can accommodate microweddings and some, such as Dancing Pines, have even created a Cocktail Party Wedding package.

Intimate Elopements

Elopements remain a much more intimate way to get married, typically involving just the couple, an officiant, a photographer, and sometimes a few close family members and friends (but not more than 10). Many couples opt to work with a photographer or officiant to create an adventure elopement at one of Tahoe’s more secret beaches, vistas, or peaks. We’ve even seen a mountain biking and ski elopement! A florist can create a stunning bouquet and, if desired, florals for the ceremony backdrop. Some elopements also include a champagne toast and cake for the couple or a small dinner for those present.

In 2020, some couples who had originally planned a large wedding opted for a microwedding or elopement this year, to be followed by a sequel wedding in 2021. With the future still uncertain with regards to travel, we suspect couples to move forward with a variety of options for 2021, including large weddings, microweddings, and elopements, with some details bleeding over between all three. One thing we can say for certain, no matter how you envision saying “I Do,” Tahoe is the place to be!

If you are looking for an officiant for your elopement or microwedding learn more about Tahoe Unveiled vendors Meredith Richmond of Ceremonies By Meredith and Christa Dean, owner of Mountain High Weddings.

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