Intimate Full Moon Engagement Session 

Captured by VILD photographythis fun couple lives for adventure. Described as two of the kindest, most down to earth people, Melissa and Brennen really wanted to capture the essence of Lake Tahoe and the beauty the area has to offer in their session. The couple who are gearing up for a year-long adventure in South America thought nothing showcased their sense of adventure better than a day of hiking and shooting.

The hike was filled with beautiful views and perfect lighting and even a glimpse of the full moon! The couple’s positive energy and love radiated off them and is reflected in the photos below!

From the photographer ~

We’ve gotten to know Melissa and Brennen over the last year and have discovered that they are two of the kindest, most down-to-earth people we know. They LIVE for adventure and get outside whenever they can – and, living in Tahoe, that’s almost always. Gearing up for a year-long South American adventure, we decided to drop everything practical and spend the day together hiking and shooting.

As we imagined, everything about the adventure shoot was perfect. The lighting and surprise full moon was wonderful, but the best part of the day was getting to soak in their positivity. They even brought their long lived travel mascot, a stuffed horse named Snowflake, along for the fun!

Our hike was filled with beautiful nooks and views, which we took full advantage of during the session. We burnt through the daylight and perched ourselves to view the sunset together, which lived up to the legendary Lake Tahoe status Lake people talk about. To our surprise, there was a full moon! We did what we could with the extra light and captured a few of our very favorite shots right at the very end.

Although we hiked our way out in the dark, we left the shoot feeling uplifted and energized. We’re so excited to see what the future for this incredible duo (plus Snowflake) holds! Best of luck in South America Melissa and Brennen!

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