How to Wear Pants at Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Lake Tahoe’s not typically the type of place dresses frequent. Why? It’s rugged, and it can get windy. For these reasons, you may want to rethink your wedding dress, by which I mean envision it as a pair of pants instead.

Cutting edge separates will add a little pizzazz to your Tahoe wedding. Not only that, these wedding-dress-alternatives are outfits you’d more likely wear again. They’re bang for your buck.

Mostly, pants can be a better alternative for a beach wedding at Lake Tahoe because nobody wants to haul heavy, sand-covered tulle behind them.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were little, but don’t knock the pant till you’ve tried it. Paired with an elegant top, the suit’s a fabulous way to go.