How to Turn Your Tahoe Elopement into An Adventurous Honeymoon 

Combining the best day of your life and your honeymoon into one trip sounds like an amazing idea to us. Tahoe Unveiled vendor Ruthanne Z shares with us her expert advice on planning a honeymoon in Tahoe. Whether you are sailing across the lake with Tahoe Sailing Charters, or enjoying a delicious dinner at one of Ruthanne’s favorite spots, her can’t miss advice below will help you create an unforgettable honeymoon in Tahoe.

For many of my couples, the process of eloping begins as an afterthought once they’ve planned a trip to Tahoe, and realize the “full wedding” process just isn’t for them. For others, they plan to elope in Tahoe with every intention of turning it into their honeymoon. Regardless, helping my couples make the most of their time here, even if it’s not planned up front, is one of my favorite things to do! I mean, I was born and raised here, after all! If you’re just getting starting with planning your Tahoe elopement, listen to my podcast! I’m pretty passionate about the subject, as you might find.

Tahoe can easily become your honeymoon destination with just a little bit of planning! Honeymoons are typically centered around time together, quality experiences, and experiencing new things together – all of which Tahoe can lend incredible opportunities for. Here are 6 ways to turn your Tahoe elopement into your honeymoon & enjoy it!

1. Rent an extra fun Airbnb or hotel

It’s no secret that California can be expensive, so I often encourage couples to spend a little more and enjoy their experience more. A fun, modern, inspirational space can do wonders to help you feel like you’re on an extra special vacation (hello, honeymooners!) and is a great home base for any activities on the day of your elopement, too! Check out my list on AirBnB of my favorite homes around the lake!

2. Get an in-home couples massage

There is nothing quite as relaxing to me as a good massage – and with so many health conscious people in town, we have our fair share of in home massage therapists. Zenergy Tahoe is a great resource for in home massages around the Lake Tahoe area.

3. Enjoy some really great food together around the lake

I feel like this is a no brainer but, food is something that brings people together more than anything else. Take a peek at these “best of” lists to find dining spots that speak to you. My personal favs are Truckee Tavern, FireSign Cafe, West Shore Market, and Evan’s!

4. Step outside of your comfort zone together

During summer time, you can go parasailing over Lake Tahoe which is epic no matter who you are. The Via Feratta in Squaw Valley is another fun and out of the box experience. During the winter months, Homewood offers SnoCat Skiing (which requires intermediate skills) and allows you to access the backcountry, with rides back to the top on the SnoCat! And of course, any of our world renowned ski resorts make a great day of fun together.

5. Enjoy the tranquility of Tahoe

You’ve eloped, and now it’s time to soak it in. At the end of the day, if you only choose to do one thing off of ths list to turn your elopement into your honeymoon, I hope it is this one. Take time to enjoy the peaceful beauty of Tahoe. Take a chartered boat across the lake (shoutout to another TU vendor that is a MUST for your trip!), go for a hike at sunrise, sit on a beach all day – but whatever you do, enjoy the moment. Take time to ground yourselves, breathe in the mountain air, and memorialize the sounds and feelings of this time together. Tahoe is amazing – but nothing makes a honeymoon like the two people in love who are on it together.

6. Book an adventure honeymoon session

Even if you don’t book the same photographer you use for your elopement – there is something to be said for documenting the contrast of your most authentic selves (jeans and a tee shirt, hiking clothes, whatever!) in a place that is new or significant. Nothing fancy, just you. Honeymoon sessions have become a favorite of mine, and I know I’m not the only photographer who feels this way. I highly encourage you to consider documenting any piece of this adventure with a session together. It’s your elopement and your honeymoon after all, live it up!

Check out Ruthanne Z and her stunning elopements on her Tahoe Unveiled profile and learn more about her on her personal website. We hope you check out her suggestions for an adventurous and amazing Tahoe honeymoon too!