How To Stay Excited After Postponing Your Wedding

If you are a Tahoe bride that has had to postpone your wedding, you’re probably still processing. And, while it may take time to fully accept the changes you’ve had to make, we’re here to encourage you to still be excited for your dream wedding day that the future holds!

Lake Tahoe wedding planner Karie MacLeod, owner of She Said Yes Weddings, tells us that this is not only possible but crucial. “As a planner, I’m focused on all the details of my couples’ weddings but also on reminding them what their big day is all about – the two of them,” says MacLeod. “And, even if the wedding has been postponed, there’s plenty that they can still do together to stay excited and keep moving forward.”

We couldn’t agree more and asked Karie to share her recommendations for 10 things couples can do to stay excited and on track after postponing their wedding.

1. Write love notes to each other and specifically include what you are most looking forward to on your wedding day!

2. Get fancy and order takeout from your favorite local restaurant. Talk about your engagement and read each other’s love notes.

3. Are you both spending more time on your computers than usual? Sneak on to your partner’s machine and change the background screen to a cute photo or engagement pic of the two of you. (Canva is a great app for adding a saying or quote to the photo before uploading.)

4. Make cupcakes together in the flavor of your wedding cake. Not sure what flavor you like? Definitely try them all. <wink>

5. Kiss more! This is very important!!

6. Play with nail colors! Now is the perfect time to decide if you want a soft or bold look for your wedding day manicure.

7. Host a wedding party Zoom party and talk about details of the bachelorette party or wedding day. Using the “share screen” feature of Zoom, you can look at Pinterest boards and dress websites together but feel free to keep it just about seeing each other too!

8. Are you thinking about having signature cocktails at your wedding? Start a weekly happy hour party to experiment with your favorite mixed drinks.

9. Start working on your wedding playlist, especially while making those cocktails. It’s even better if an impromptu dance party ensues!

10. Do a Picasso + wine night at home. The art has to be related to the wedding. Lake Tahoe is a great place to start for artistic inspiration.

Thank you Karie for these great ideas and encouragement for couples who have postponed their wedding. To learn more about Karie MacLeod and her planning services, check out the She Said Yes listing on our vendor guide.