How to Prepare for a Fall Wedding in Lake Tahoe

While summer can seem like the perfect time to get married, we are here to let you in on a secret: fall in Tahoe is just as good. With the changing colors, cool crisp nights and a lot less people in town, fall is ideal wedding season. Here are some tips and suggestions we have if you’re considering a fall wedding in Lake Tahoe.

Changing colors: Fall colors are stunning for wedding photos. The changing of colors around the Lake are gorgeous and can add that extra pop of color to your photos. While a lot of the trees around Tahoe stay green year round, we also have some Aspen trees that turn a gorgeous yellow color in the fall and make for really excellent photos.

Shorter days: As it gets closer to winter the days get shorter and even shorter up here since the sun can set early behind the mountains. While fall golden hour and alpenglow is pretty hard to beat, consider these shorter days when you are planning your ceremony time and make sure you get some couple photos during the sunset-we promise you won’t regret it.

It could snow: Like any place, Tahoe can have variable weather. There have been instances of snow in the fall months so make sure to have a backup plan if your ceremony is outside. However a snowy white wedding is always gorgeous, so a surprise snowstorm can always be fun!

Colder night: Shorter days mean longer nights and colder ones at that! Especially if Tahoe is a destination wedding for most people they might not be used to the cold nights we get here. If you are getting married outside be sure to have some source of heat for your guests. Whether it’s a fire place, heat lamps or blankets we guarantee your guests will need them. Plus who doesn’t love colder weather as an excuse to snuggle up to your partner.