How To Make Your Wedding Film Cool AF

Videographer Tony Castaneda is a Nevada native and world traveler that brings a high energy, non-traditional approach to wedding films. With a creative philosophy that he describes as “real, rad, and raw,” we thought Tony was the perfect person to ask about tips for making your wedding film cool AF. Does that sound like your style? If so… read on!

Rule #1: There are absolutely no rules to a wedding! Everyone thinks that a wedding has to be a certain type of way or look like what society tells it should be. If you don’t want a cake – don’t have a cake! The other day I shot a wedding where the bride wasn’t wearing shoes. She said “It’s my wedding day and I don’t want to wear shoes.” And I said “HELL YEAH!” I absolutely loved it.

#2: Take the time to get your priorities straight before planning your wedding. Are you wrapped up in all the unnecessary fluff that adds to your budget and doesn’t really focus on the purpose of your celebration? Or is your goal to bring all your loved ones together and set them up to have a truly memorable celebration? Let go of worrying about what the guests will think or how your celebration will be compared to other people’s weddings.

#3: This should really be the number one rule – bring your own style to your wedding! You don’t have to replicate what you see on Pinterest.

#4: Take 10 minutes by yourself with your love to take it all in. When I first started traveling the world I met this girl who gave me the best advice ever. She told me that no matter where I was – whether it was a cool touristy area or a basic little coffee shop – take 10 minutes and just look around and take it all in. I always tell my couples to do the same. Take time to be by themselves and just sit down, take a deep breath, and take it all in. These moments can also be really cool in your wedding film.

#5: HAVE FUN. That’s it. Don’t worry about the flowers not showing up on time or a groomsman forgetting a tie. Things are going to happen and the couples who let the unimportant things slide are the ones who will have the coolest day!