How to Make Your Wedding Dance Party Go Off

This week’s guest post comes from Tahoe Unveiled vendor and Tahoe’s own Isaac Freed of Music in Tahoe. With years of experience behind him, Isaac breaks down the ins and outs of wedding music, picking the perfect song, and what you should think about before booking your wedding DJ. Read ahead for a plethora of musical knowledge!

1) Align your vision of what ‘good music’ really is.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music. The idea is to find a DJ who can understand your personal brand of ‘good music.’ Once you’ve aligned your vision with your potential DJ, talk about it for a while. Talk genres, artists, eras, songs, what you love, what you hate. Go back in time to your high school and college years and think about what songs will make your guests erupt with laughter and joy when they hear your DJ work it into the mix. Your DJ should have a really solid understanding of what your individual and collective tastes are. This will allow him/her to make judgement calls when creating your playlists and once guests begin to make requests. Your wedding DJ is like your “musical elected official” and you must feel good about their musical vision for your wedding.

2) I’m sorry, but not all DJs are created equal.

Some wedding DJs will only take your requests, make them into a playlist, and play them in order at your wedding. You deserve better than this. A professional DJ will not only take this first step, but will also ‘read between the lines’ of your requests. They can add their own favorites, which will fit nicely within your list to create a themed yet varied array of music that will invigorate you and your fiancé as well as your guests. Your DJ should also be able to mix all of your music together in a smooth and seamless fashion. Once the dance floor starts to move, it shouldn’t stop! Your ideal wedding DJ will mix, blend, beat match, and mashup your favorite music into a truly unique tapestry that not only represents you and your fiancé, but also speaks to your guests as a whole.

3) It’s not all about bangers.

At Music in Tahoe, we like to think of ourselves as not only fantastic musicians and DJs but also as Musical Directors for your wedding. It starts with timeless and tasteful pre-ceremony selections. It continues on with masterful arrangements of your favorite songs played live for your ceremony. We will continue to connect with your guests through our classic cocktail hour live playing and we haven’t even touched the turntables yet! With a close focus on your big day in its entirety, we’re able to play selections that speak to your guests, taking them back in time to when they first heard these amazing love songs.

4) It is all about timing.

Most every song has a time and a place. From a classic sing along to an all-out party anthem, your DJ must have the 6th sense of being able to know what works best, and when. We often get song requests from couples that sometimes could kill the dance floor vibe but would work great during cocktail hour or dinner. It’s all about knowing what will work best, and when. We like to keep the music upbeat and energized throughout the day, but the energy should have an overall flow which can only be controlled and directed by a top-notch DJ.

5) A successful DJ is an accessible DJ.

Let’s be honest, we dance hardest to songs that we know. Since we all know different music how could a DJ appease an audience with an 80 year age gap? Our approach is simple; we play extremely accessible tunes early on in your wedding. I’m talking Ritchie Valens, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, it’s those motown/soul vibes. This music speaks to the older generations and invites them onto the dance floor to engage in the music they love with their children and grandchildren. Your grandparents will light up with joy when they hear songs they grew up with and can sing along to. As the night goes on we will play more modern music, more remixes, and will push the energy higher and higher until even the youngest guests are on their feet.

6) Want your party to go all night?

Many Tahoe wedding venues have a noise curfew. It’s usually 10pm, sometimes as late as midnight, but do you and your closest friends love to party? Do you want to keep the vibe high? Consider having a silent disco after party. We can provide a top-of-the-line wireless headphone system and can provide hundreds of pairs to keep your guests dancing all night. If you like the idea of partying under the stars and the full moon, then inquire about silent disco options and see if we can provide the dance party of a lifetime.

7) What about a slow dance or two?

In this day and age, not every couple wants to slow dance at their wedding. They can be really sweet and the older generations really do love them, but do you? Think about your family, think about your grandparents. Will grandpa want to dance with you in your wedding dress? Here’s an idea; ask your parents or grandparents what their first dance was. Quietly mark this down for your DJ and let him/her know to make a dedication. I can assure you, the tears will flow. Music connects with our senses in a way nothing else can and you may be surprised at the affect one or two slow dances may have.

8) Light it up!

You’ve taken time to perfect every detail from the invitations to the wedding dress, but what about dance floor lighting? As any photographer will tell you, it’s all about lighting. It’s what makes us look and feel our best. Bistro lights are great and can provide a wonderful ambiance for your outdoor wedding but what really takes the dance party to the next level is customized and controlled LED lights. From classic uplighting, to moving head spot lights, we can set the tone for an all out raging dance party with our custom lighting packages. We can control the lights to match the vibe of the music throughout the night. This will make your guests feel more comfortable getting loose and trying out those new dance moves they’ve been working on. Leave the lighting to us and watch how we can light up the night!

9) To remix, or not to remix: That is the question.

We all love songs in their original form. That classic intro leading up to the verse of which you know every word. You can’t beat it, or can you? Professional DJs have countless remixes of your favorite songs in their library. We can not only play the original version but also mix in tasteful versions that will keep your guests guessing as the song goes on. Some couples like this, others don’t. Talk remixes with your DJ to ensure that your vision is realized.

10) Save the last dance.

Your last song is the punctuation to your amazing Tahoe wedding and could be what your guests will remember most. This is your chance to have your own unique stamp of individuality, and in our opinion, it’s as important as your first dance. What works best? Songs that represent you and your crew. Sing alongs from college, your families unspoken anthem, a throwback that unites and speaks to your love, or just a great song that everyone knows and can sing along to. Let this last song unite those who’re left standing, your closest and wildest friends. This should be your theme song and will bring everyone to the dance floor for one final amazing series of moments that completes your dream Tahoe wedding.

As you can see, Isaac puts an immense amount of thought and preparation into Music in Tahoe’s wedding services, making them one of the most sought after wedding vendors in Lake Tahoe. Learn more here.