How to Have Your Wedding in the Snow 

Oh the weather outside is frightful…while winter can be that way, we are here to tell you that winter is not always frightful and in fact it can quite often be delightful. The Sierra Nevada Mountains that surround Lake Tahoe while beautiful in the summer, are absolutely stunning in the winter. The contrast between the dark trees and the white snow with the lake in the background can be truly breathtaking. And they provide a magical, almost unexpected beauty that is perfect for a winter wedding.

But while a white wedding may be the wedding of your dreams, it is important to prepare for the snow in order to have an enjoyable winter wedding! The most important thing to remember is that while you might be over the moon about a winter wedding, your guests might not be. It is important to make sure your guests are as comfortable and prepared as they can be. Make sure to provide blankets, heat lamps, gloves and plenty of hot drinks to keep everyone warm and happy.

Take advantage of the snow! While we don’t recommend to have your entire wedding outside in a snowstorm…we do think you should take advantage of a wintery day-especially if it’s snowing! Consider having your ceremony outside in the falling snow and absolutely take advantage of it for photos! First look photos and couple photos in the snow couldn’t get more romantic if you tried.

Snow is also the perfect excuse for cozy décor. Flannel and wool are great fabrics to work with and don’t forget hot chocolate and s’mores to finish off your snowy mountain feel. With the background of freshly fallen white snow the possibilities are endless!