How to Have Pie at Your Lake Tahoe Wedding

Not everybody enjoys cake. And that’s okay. Traditionalists may get their knickers in a twist thinking about swapping the wedding cake for a wedding pie, but, really, what’s the big difference? They’re both circular, they’re both delicious sweet treats, and they can both be cut by the bride and groom together.

We’re all for the wedding pie because pies are ultra-flavorful, beautiful, and they add variety. Come summer, your friends and family will be attending many weddings, so make yours a little different by serving something like pie. Your guests will appreciate the variety.

Plus, since most Lake Tahoe weddings happen during prime fruit-eating season, you may as well capitalize on all the fresh goodness and incorporate berries, peaches and cherries into your special wedding dessert. To boot, pies usually come in at $20 each, while cakes usually cost upwards of $400, they don’t run the risk of being dry, you can serve them in ever-trendy mason jars, and they give off a friendly down-home feel.

From lots of mini pies of varying flavors to decorative crusts, here is some “piespiration” to get you thinking about creative cake-alternatives. And if cake’s truly not your thing but a family member of yours really, really wants you to have one for the sake of custom–cake has, after all, been the custom wedding dessert since the Middle Ages– you can always organize a little one to cut alongside a buffet of your favorite pies.