How To Get The Best Of Your Tahoe Engagement Photo Session

Engagement photo sessions are one of the first things that you two do as an engaged couple. Most couple’s will use these photos to send out save the dates, post on their wedding website, they will most likely be used for all the events leading up to your wedding, and so much more. Making the most out of these pictures will be really important. We have written a guide, with the help of Tahoe North Films, on how to make the most out of your engagement photo sessions!


When choosing your photographer, here are some of our recommendations,

Use the same photographer as your wedding day 

When you use the same photographer as your wedding day, it helps you all get comfortable with one another. You get the unique opportunity to see how they work before the day of your event. The photographer also gets an opportunity to learn how you two work as a couple and your story that they might not have an opportunity for before this. Using the same photographer as your wedding can also help you figure out how you would like to be photographed. If you favor your right side, your photographer will be able to test out some poses for you two that will look good for the camera. 

Pick a Photographer you can laugh with 

My favorite photos of myself are the ones I am smiling candidly, picking the right person who makes you both laugh makes the photos 100 times better. When you get along with your photographer and feel completely comfortable, your photos will come out less stiff and more natural. 

Picking the right photographer is insanely important. This is why we have a list of our favorite photographers in the Tahoe area. You can find that list here.


The place is the next big thing that needs to be picked.  

Ask your photographer where they recommend 

When you go with a Tahoe local photographer you are not just paying for their gorgeous photos but also their knowledge of the area. They will have spots that they take their clients that you may have never been to or even heard of. They can let you in on the best place and time to go, communication is key here. Tell them your vision maybe send over some inspo photos they might just know where to go to find that spot.

Pick a place that is special for you and your partner

Now, if you are from the area or have any special spots in the area, this would be a great way to incorporate your story into your photos. If you had gotten engaged on a hike in Emerald Bay, you might want to have your shoot up there. Maybe you met at Shakespeare in the park in Sand Harbor. This might be another place for you to take photos, beware of the large crowds here (you might want to go off season here). Your engagement photos should be a representation of you two as a couple, the setting is important. 

Tahoe has hundreds of lovely places to be photographed at, you just need to pick the one that fits you and your partner best.


Once you have your location picked, wardrobe will be the next thing to think about

Pick colors that fit with the background of your photos 

Tahoe North Films recommends, “Think about how your clothing will look with your background. Contrasting colors look best, so you stand out in the photo. A pop of yellow or orange can help against our Tahoe forest and lake backgrounds.” Picking the right color is very essential to think about, you should pick a color that complements the background as well as you. Try to stick to your color wheel, you don’t need to try something drastically new in these photos, it should look like you! The same thing goes for your hair and makeup.

Makeup + Hair


Getting your hair and makeup to feel right can be very hard to do. This is why hair and makeup artists recommend getting a hair and makeup trial done. This will happen some time before your wedding date. So, why not schedule that trial before your Engagement Session? Katie with Tahoe North Films suggests, “We usually do photos at sunset, so you’ll have plenty of time during the day to meet with your hair and makeup team. We sometimes catch a close-up, and it gives you a chance to see if changes are needed for your wedding day.”

For the guys

Tahoe North Films suggests “a fresh haircut looks nice, as we sometimes catch you from the side or back.” A fresh trim cannot hurt here. But do not get a new style of cut right before the session. In the case it ends poorly, you might not want to be photographed that day. 

For both brides and grooms, we recommend your hair and makeup to still feel like you. You do not need to go super over the top if that is something you are not comfortable with. You should look and feel your best on engagement and wedding day!

Furthermore, you can find our favorite hair and make up people here


Don’t be afraid to use props. Tahoe North Films has had couples use everything from champagne to jeeps and airplanes. Props can make you and your partner feel way more comfortable. If you feel a little awkward behind the camera, do not be afraid to bring some champagne. Popping the champagne photo is a classic! This will give you something to do with your hands and toast to your future is a fantastic way to start the session. Plus, the alcohol will help you feel a little less afraid of the camera.

If you bring your pup to this, they can help you feel at ease behind the camera. Dogs are part of your family too. Tahoe North Films says, “If you’re going to include your dog, bring a toy or treat for your photographer to hold so that your dog will look into the camera.  Also, make sure you have a plan for your dog while we get some photos without him.”   


Close-ups of the ring! 

Your partner spent a lot of time and effort picking out the best ring for you. Show it off! You can strategically place your hand on your partner or get a photo of you toasting to your future. 

Don’t forget those little details to tell your photographer. Communication is key if you want anything specific, tell them! They are there to help get your dream photos. Let them know what you want and how you are feeling.