How To Find Your Dream Vendors For Your Tahoe Wedding

Deciding on your wedding vendors may feel confusing and overwhelming. So, before you throw your dream wedding out the window and decide to elope in Vegas, take a deep breath and relax while we take the guesswork out of finding the perfect vendors for your Tahoe wedding. Blue Sky Events helps us break down the vendor search process, and we promise you will be able to start booking your vendors like a pro after reading this expert advice.


Take your time and take your research step by step. Ask yourselves, what are your priorities? Have you always dreamt of having a live band, or have you had your eye on a photographer’s style that captures those dreamy moments? If you and your significant other are foodies, that may be the most important part of the day for you. The bar options, catering, and dessert may be where you want to start. Whatever your top priorities are, make a list and start there. That way, you can focus on where you want to begin your vendor search.

Blue Sky Events starts with a thorough interview process with their clients. This is where they find out their client’s top priorities and determine what areas of the wedding are most important. When working with a planner, this step is essential, so both of you are on the same page when it comes to finding vendors. Before signing contracts with vendors, make sure you have researched all of your vendors, and they all fall within your budget. Creating an estimated budget based on your priorities is important to do first and foremost before selecting your dream vendors.


Where you start can feel like a daunting task, but when working with a planner, they can take the guesswork out of that process. Kerry Hawk,shared with us that Blue Sky Events has created relationships with new and seasoned vendors over the last two decades, and this is a key to the success of their client’s weddings. They keep up to date on vendors through social media, professional associations, and referrals from other vendors. The experience that a planner like Blue Sky has in the business helps with securing the perfect vendors for a couple.

Using a vendor guide like Tahoe Unveiled is also helpful for couples. Tahoe Unveiled allows you to see a variety of work from the vendor, which will give you a feel for what their work is like. Vendors on the site have been vetted to include only those with outstanding reputations in the industry. Research their website and social media, along with talking with them over the phone.


It’s important to know who you are meeting with before you meet with them. Make sure you have preliminary information on the vendor before your initial meeting. This includes reviewing their pricing, reviews, and services. You should already have the foundation of what the vendor provides, and the meeting should be face-to-face or video-conference to get to know them as a person.

Kerry Hawk reminds us that, “A wedding is very personal, you’ll want to feel comfortable with the vendors you are going to work with. A meeting with your vendor is to assure they fit your style and personality, and that you can trust them to deliver what they are promising.”


When it comes to vendor contracts, make sure you are comfortable with everything in the contract. Several areas need to be addressed in a contract. Start with your venue and determine what their policies are for vendors and what needs to happen with those vendors to keep your venue happy. Blue Sky Events shared with us a few things to keep in mind when reviewing your vendor contracts.

Event Set Up & Break Down

  • Are set up and break down times listed in your contract?
  • Are rentals being picked up after the reception, or the following day?
  • What are the policies of the venue?


  • Is everything is listed out line by line in your catering contract?
  • How many staff will be on-site for how many hours?
  • Will they set the tables, cut the cake, and provide trash removal?
  • What does the company provide in terms of place settings, utensils, etc.?
  • Will the chef proving your tasting be the chef on-site?


  • Will they include sound for your ceremony?
  • How many setups will they provide?
  • Will anything need to be moved between the reception and ceremony?


  • Will they be designing on-site or bring everything already complete?

With a wedding there are typically several vendors so it’s crucial that these contracts describe exactly the services you are expecting The bottom line is to read your contracts thoroughly, so there are no surprises!

We hope this great advice helps take some of the guesswork out of finding your dream wedding vendors and thank you to Blue Sky Events and owner Kerry Hawk for this expert advice! Blue Sky Events is a full-service wedding planning agency based out of Lake Tahoe. To learn more about them visit their vendor guide profile on Tahoe Unveiled.