How to Find the Perfect Dress for the Second Time Around

It seems many brides hesitate in selecting a dress for the second time around, often questioning whether a dress is age appropriate, what color the dress should be, and if she should wear a veil.

A wedding is a beautiful personal celebration of love so there are no right or wrong answers. Historically, a white gown and veil symbolized purity and virginity. In the 21st century, marriage is approached from all walks of life, from many different religions, ages, and sometimes for a second (or third) time around. The only person that holds the true answer to all of these inquiries about what to wear the second time around is you!

While you may still be looking for suggestions, here are some trending second-ceremony dress ideas:

Color: Blushes, Champagnes, Pastels, Metals (think Silver and Gold), Maritime Greens and Blues (think lighter shades)

Length: Tea Length, Cocktail Length, Maxi Length (see: anything goes)

Veil: Birdcage, Fresh Flowers, Ornamental Clip

Shoe: Hop on the trend of vibrant pops of color (keeping in mind your selected dress color)

As a more sophisticated bride, the age-appropriate gown may feel allusive at times. Again, this can’t be reiterated enough – there are no right options, pick something that makes you feel gorgeous, stunning, radiant… A few more current trends for brides not wanting to dip to the button with the V:

-High necklines with detailing to cover cleavage and skin. The high neckline lends an air of Victorian elegance and tradition.

-Lace Sleeves. Not your 70s or 80s bridal puffs but delicate French lace and fitted.

-Two Piece. This is not the ever-present crop top, but a flowy top set over a more fitted floor length gown. Sophisticated and fashion-forward.

-Silk Gowns inspire elegance. Partnered with a fishtail or fitted cut, elegance meets understated sexy.