How To Create The Perfect Signature Wedding Cocktails 

Whether you prefer a Moscow Mule, or a margarita at your wedding you should have the bar flowing with your favorite drinks. What better way to do that than customizing a craft cocktail inspired by the bride and groom’s favorite drinks. We sat down with Shine Bar Catering to learn about all things cocktails. Shine Bar is a mobile catering company specializing in unique cocktails for your wedding.

At Tahoe Unveiled, we absolutely love the idea of having signature cocktails at a wedding reception and cocktail hour and Shine Bar couldn’t agree with us more.

We love working with couples to create their story through cocktails! Customizing their bar menu gives couples the freedom to think about their journey together and moments they have shared over drinks. We highly encourage reminiscing and adding personal touches to their cocktail menu. Creating personalized names for their signature drinks, requesting a certain brand of spirit they sipped together, whatever memories they have involving these drinks always adds that special touch.

Inspirations for these drinks come from moments of love, joy and laughter. Humor is always a great one as well. We often see travel as another way we see couples express themselves. Using the couple’s personality, likes and interests is a great way to create speciality cocktails.

Some of our favorites are Bourbon Peach Tea, Honey Fig Bees Knees, Limoncello Spritzer with Thyme, a Classic Margarita, Aperol Spritz and Gin and Tonics. We also love an after dinner whisky tasting. We suggest keeping cocktails crisp and refreshing. Using natural sweeteners like a local wildflower honey, or agave syrup for added sweetness are a great touch.

When planning your bar menu we suggest having Hydration Stations. Consider having pre-ceremony drinks served such as sparkling water/lemon, spa infused water, and bottled water. We like to remind our clients that high elevation, summer heat and yummy spirits can be an intoxicating combination. Hydration is essential for guests to be able to dance the night away.

Summertime is not only wedding season, but also a great time to sit outside, enjoy the weather and sip on the delicious cocktails Shine Bar shared with us. Check out these delicious recipes below.

Blueberry Lavender Spritzer

2oz lavender infused vodka. We use vodka and add dried lavender or fresh and let set for 2-3 days.

.5oz Blueberry Simple Syrup

(we take fresh blueberries/water/honey and simmer down)

Squeeze of lemon

Top with Seltzer and garnish with lavender sprig and blueberries.


2oz La Pinta Pomegranate Tequila

.5oz Pama Liquor

.5oz agave nectar

Squeeze of lime

Garnish with pomegranate seeds

We hope these tips from Shine Bar add some inspiration to your wedding cocktail menu! Head on over to their website for more yummy cocktail inspiration.