How to Choose a Theme for Your Tahoe Wedding 

Here at Tahoe Unveiled we are always on the lookout for new ideas, trends, and styles. We are constantly looking at wedding dresses, cakes, bouquets, venues…you name it. With each inspiration board or real wedding out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Should you go boho, rustic, glam, classic, or simple? Where does one theme end and a new one begin? And will it all start to feel the way you want it to once it’s put together? Alright, now take a deep breath and read our simple guide to finding your Tahoe theme.

Step 1:

Decide what you and your partner actually like. Are you two laid-back? Does Tahoe play a major role in your lives? Is there a movie or a book or a place that had a significant impact on your relationship? Sit down together and have an honest chat about your priorities. First and foremost you have to decide on a venue type. At first it doesn’t have to be anything specific, just think about if you want to be wed on a boat, in the forest, on Donner Summit, or on the beach. Knowing the type of venue will help you narrow down where you want to start looking and help you start to plan some of the other details.

Step 2:

Try to see past the current trends. After all, your wedding day should be something that represents you. If you aren’t into hoops or pampas grass, don’t bother with them! Dig deep and see what you really want. A good test: think about looking at your wedding photos 20 years from now and if you’ll be happy or if you’ll be regret some of the design choices. Remember that simple does not always mean boring!

Step 3:

Reach out for help! Your friends and family sometimes know you better than you know yourself. Ask their opinion on colors, flowers, dresses – anything and everything! This is a great way to check your feelings, too. You might present two different bouquets to loved ones and when they choose the first, your heart sinks. Now you know you really wanted the second! When asking for advice from loved ones, DON’T get caught up in peer-pressure. This is your day, not theirs. If they recommend something you don’t like, be honest with yourself and politely tell them you appreciate their contribution but it is not what you want.

Step 4:

If you are still feeling unsure of your choices, try making a collage. This might sound silly, but it’s hard to visualize the wedding as a whole when you’ve been focusing on individual elements. Pour yourself a glass of wine, invite your loved ones, and get out the craft drawer. Find pictures of your venue and build in the elements around it, from the flowers, to the arch, to your dress. Even if the collage looks silly, it should give your mind a better grasp of what you’re working with.