How to Bring Style to a Mountain Wedding with Kennedy Bingham from Gown Eyed Girl

Brides from all over the world have been turning to Kennedy Bingham, aka Gown Eyed Girl, for wedding tips, reviews of celebrity weddings, and her famous gown videos. No wonder she is one of the most popular creators in the bridal industry and the go-to wedding source for the non-conventional bride. So imagine our excitement when we heard she partnered with Tahoe Unveiled members Moonlight Lace and Emma Paul Photography for a styled shoot reminiscent of the runaway bride. And in true Tahoe fashion, the results were nothing short of magical. We immediately talked with Kennedy to find out how a casual conversation over dinner turned into this dreamy shoot on the slopes, and we got a lot more than we bargained for! 

Tell us how this collaboration came to be? 
It all started with a casual conversation over dinner where Natalie from Moonlight Lace mentioned that she used to compete and was sponsored for snowboarding. I love snowboarding, and the Unveiled ladies, Sarah and Claire, echoed the sentiment. By the end of dinner, we were already planning a trip together! Claire jokingly asked if I was going to wear snow pants or a wedding dress on the slopes. What started as a joke eventually turned into the idea for the shoot.

How did you choose the bridal gown? 
We knew we needed a gown that was going to stand out against the snow, and I’ve always loved Daughters of Simone’s graphic lace, and they happened to be stocked at both Unveiled Bridal and Moonlight Lace! So we picked the Ren because it had this gorgeous non-white lining that wouldn’t get lost in the snow. It also had detached sleeves so it would fit with the mountain theme but wouldn’t restrict my arms while snowboarding.

Any other important factors to planning the shoot? 
We needed a photographer who could ski! Thankfully we had Emma Wynn Paul. She completely understood the vision and was just as excited as we were to bring it to life. Emma was the perfect photographer- skilled, excited, and willing to do anything to get the shot. If a bride needs a photographer willing to lay belly down in a snowbank for the perfect shot- I’ve got your girl!

We also needed a place to shoot. I was worried that the mountain staff wouldn’t approve of the concept, or that other people would see us as an interruption, but everyone at Diamond Peak Resort made the shoot even better. We had people coming up to us all day telling us how cool they thought everything looked, and staff who were constantly running up and down the mountain checking to see if certain lifts were open so we could get to “the really good photo spots.”

What was the story you were telling in the photoshoot? 
We really wanted to capture the essence of a snowboarder and a non-traditional bride. The whole goal was to have fun! We started with the normal pictures: getting ready, posing with the dress, and all that. Then she looks at the clock and sees she has a few hours before the ceremony starts, just enough time to get a few runs in. She starts off with her full outfit and bouquet, but she realizes all that is weighing her down as she’s riding. She swaps her bridal hat for a beanie and her bouquet for some mittens. Somewhere amongst the trees she realizes that she’s missed her ceremony, but she’s not even that bothered by it. Maybe she wasn’t ever really planning on making it. She ditches the wedding dress and changes into her reception dress and boots, pops her wedding champagne by herself, and ends her day with a drink and the sunset. Sometimes, you can’t let your fiancé get in the way of your true love.

Any advice for a bride who wants a non-traditional day but is getting kick-back from their family? 
Remember that after the day is over, you’re the one who has to live with the memories. I’ve often heard from brides that they regret letting their family’s opinion push them in the wrong direction. But I’ve never heard a bride say they regretted moving forward with what they and their partner truly wanted. 

How would you approach finding the perfect dress (or dresses) to go with your non-traditional day? 
Don’t be afraid to try something different! If you’re looking for a non-traditional gown, a traditional shop might not be for you. Don’t be afraid to explore vintage shops, consignment stores, or even ready-to-wear shops.

Any bridal trends that you’re loving at the moment? 
I love tea-length gowns! It feels like designers are starting to experiment with the tea-length dress, especially with twee coming back into style. It’s a very underappreciated silhouette.

What is your must-have bridal accessory for a day on the mountain?
A hat. I loved the way the hat added something bridal but kept the whole look really fun. Also- am I allowed to say a butt pad? I took a pretty gnarly fall at the end of the shoot, and it would have been nice to have one on me. I can’t say I recommend anyone snowboarding with a train!

What do you hope people will take away from this? 
I’d love for people to understand there’s no “right” way to have a wedding. A mountain wedding doesn’t automatically have to be a rustic theme. A wedding in the snow doesn’t have to fit into the idea of a traditional winter wedding. A wedding should reflect who you are and what you love.

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