How to Beat the Mountain Heat

While Lake Tahoe isn’t known for being a scorching hot, due to the elevation of the mountains even 80 degrees can feel like 120. The air is thinner and when it’s hot it is HOT. For the sake of your own heat regulation and the comfort of all your guests (especially your older guests) here are our tips for managing mountain heat.


A close second to hydration when it comes to the comfort of your guests. While Tahoe is great in the sense there are lots of trees and natural shade, consider adding umbrellas or a tent to provide added shade options for your guests. There are a lot of great spaces for a wedding in Lake Tahoe and often a tent adds variation and creates an indoor outdoor space where everyone has a place they feel comfortable.


Altitude sickness is a real thing! The best way to beat the heat is to stay hydrated. If your ceremony is during the day we suggest serving up a cool beverage beforehand to keep everyone hydrated and happy during your vows. Lemonade or water with fruit and mint is a great way to spice up your pre wedding drinks


A place to rest and relax…that’s not their assigned table. Weddings can be full on events and everyone needs a place to kick their feet up. We are loving make shift lounges and decorative furniture that not only look great but serve a functional purpose as well. Try adding some strategic shade to these seats for a real heat beater combination.

While weather is constantly changing and can often be hard to predict so far out from your wedding day, make sure you’re prepared and cover all your bases when it comes to heat in the mountains!