Hooray for Wedding Hoops!

With the increased trend in geometric wedding decorations, another shape we are seeing on the wedding front is hoops. And hooray for hoops! They are seriously so cool, and there are so many ways to use them!

Hoops and circles are already a traditional symbol in weddings seen most commonly in wedding rings and are a symbol of infinity. Because circles have no start or end they are endless and eternal, the way love should be. Having something that symbolizes a love like that incorporated more into your wedding can only be a good thing.

Where we are seeing these hoops pop up the most is in floral arrangements. Bridesmaid bouquets have been transformed into a trendy basket like hoop that are not only beautiful, but easy to hold onto. For brides as well, having a hoop bouquet allows you to tuck it into the crook of your elbow during the ceremony, while still holding your partners hands instead of passing it off to your maid of honor. This also can be a hack for wedding photos to get more flowers into your wedding shots. Flowered hoops also make great decorations. Hanging floral arrangements are stunning but sometimes can be hard to do with the space you have. Hooped floral arrangements are great for any space. They are stunning without being overwhelming and you can change the size of the hoops and the flower arrangements on them depending on what you want from them.

Hoops are versatile and really can open up any of your bouquets and floral decorations. They are unique and exciting and add an extra element to any decoration, check out our favorite uses below!