Greet Guests with Tahoe-Inspired Welcome Bags 

While your best intentions may be to greet each and every guest coming to your Tahoe wedding, this may prove unrealistic. Wedding welcome-bags are a great way to personally greet your guests while other commitments may require your presence. Initially wedding gift bags were a great way to welcome guests to destination weddings; now the trend is embraced by locals and travelers alike as a fun way to thank your guests for celebrating your big day. Creating an exciting and thoughtful gift bag doesn’t need to be an added stress, it can be a fun way for you and your soon-to-be to personalize gifts while welcoming guests to your favorite spot in California: Tahoe!

Here’s a helpful guide to help you assemble the bag (or box):

Select a bag that fits your location. A reusable, carry-all canvas bag is great for Tahoe where locals ask that you bring your own. You’ll want to pick something your guests can use after your wedding too; stick with a short, fun phrase, or a location printed on the bag. Ensure the size of the bag you opt to use fits all the goodies you intend to include.

Personalized Wedding Bags

Shop local. Stock your bag with goodies special to you and your partner from areas surrounding your wedding venue. A canned beer from a local brewery, local-made candy, local honey. Providing some salty or sweet treats will help prevent guests from a late-night mini bar raid. Remember for take home items some guests may be flying, opting for TSA friendly sizes will allow for ease of transport.

Don’t forget beverages! Your guests will be thirsty as they prepare for your ceremony. Whether it be the local canned beer mentioned above, a mini-bubbly, a single-sized whiskey shot with a canned coke, or a bottled water, including a drink will ensure your guests are cheersing to you long before the festivities begin. Add your names to the label as an added touch.

Personalized Welcome Bags

Personalized details; depending on the size of your wedding this could vary. With a large party, a canvas name tag attached with twine may be the extent of your personalization. If time allows or for a smaller wedding, personalized cards noting favorite local spots is a great way to show your appreciation to guests in attendance. Save yourself from the stream of inquiring texts from guests by providing a weekend itinerary including addresses and dress-code.

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Enlist the help of thoughtful relatives or younger guests in handing out gift bags to free up your time. Especially for the young ones this will keep them occupied for a time period.

The power of a thoughtful gift bag to make your guests feel valued has the ability to elevate your big day even further in your guests’ memories.

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