Get to Know: Olympic Valley Stables

Olympic Valley Stables is one of the most historic places left in North Lake Tahoe’s Olympic Valley, located less than half a mile near the village.

This mountain valley venue is at the base of the iconic ski resort Squaw Valley, the newly named mountain Palisades Tahoe. California’s Olympic Valley Stables rests at the corner of this magical valley, with a full horizon of unobstructed views and the timeless valley’s stunning mountain range.

This 4 acre of green and golden meadow offers you a unique visionary outdoor aesthetic with a rustic, chic appeal. Certain to fill your special day with this rich piece of history. A dream outdoor venue that will offer you a timeless setting to remember for endless years to come.

Check out Olympic Valley Stables here.

Tell us about your business? What do you do and what makes it special?

Olympic Valley Stables is a unique rustic but chic venue aimed at standing out from other sites, providing an open canvas & allowing more freedom from the rest with less restrictions. This venue is beyond what most expect and is a hidden gem 💎

What would you like to share with future couples?

My favorite thing is to make people happy and what better place to do that where people celebrate love and their commitments to each-other. I’m excited to help make your special day most memorable and something all the guests will talk about for years to come!

What brings you the greatest joy in your life?

Love ❤️

What brought you to Tahoe?

Born and raised Aug 1981 on the shore of Lake Tahoe in Carnelian Bay

What is a must-see hidden gem in Lake Tahoe?

See if you can find Bud Jones’s metal placard (infamous pioneer and packer saddler rancher) hidden onsite.

Describe Lake Tahoe to someone that has never been here.

A blue gem in the clouds of the purest water, air and skies for thousands of miles. The community, mountain culture and of course nature is one of a kind. With so many activities it keeps your days full and happy to be here!

Tahoe lifestyle: winter or summer?

Winter & Summer both

If you were not a venue host, what would you do?

If i were not a Vendor host I would love to be a full time musician and travel the world

What inspires your work?

My work is inspired to make people happy and hearing about how magical and special their wedding day was by guests and the wedding party! This ignites my soul.

What is a fun fact about your company?

The idea for a wedding venue started with a friends wedding here and it was so beautiful we had to continue the legacy.

What’s the most useless talent you have?

Don’t have useless talents as all my talents are useful…if I had to pick something it as be hmmmmmm noting comes to mind.

What is the closest thing to real magic?

Lasers and next level lighting.

What is your go-to activity to do outside of work?

Yoga & dance.

What kind of wedding guest are you?

I’m the host making sure everyone has everthing they need.

Any song you can add to our brides’ and grooms’ budding wedding playlist? 

Stir me Up – Lane 8

Working in the wedding industry is not for the faint of heart. So how do you rest and rejuvenate?

Baths and massages

What is something people might not know about you? 

I’m a plant based chef and healer.

Any four-legged friends in your home? 

Siberian mountain cat named Daryl.