Get To Know: Chair 7 Films
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      Today we have the pleasure of highlighting one of our favorite videographer teams, Chair 7 Films.

      Brew a cup of coffee and pull up a chair as we visit with Kyle and Melissa.

      After spending more time with them, if you want to learn more or binge some of their work, head on over to their website or insta.

      Tell us about your business? What do you do and what makes it special?

      We are a husband and wife duo who have been filming weddings for more than 10 years. We are based in Reno-Tahoe, and have captured love stories in some of the most beautiful destinations, including Tahoe, Napa, Colorado, Wyoming and beyond. 

 We wholeheartedly believe in the value of a wedding film, as it is often the most immersive keepsake from a wedding. This is something we deeply understand on a personal level. Our own wedding film carries profound worth, and it’s the single greatest memento from our special day. 

 With that knowledge in hand, we aim to give each couple we work with the same opportunity to revisit one of life’s most beautiful and exhilarating days.

      What would you like to share with future couples?

      If we could share one piece of advice with future couples, it would be to hire an experienced team of wedding professionals for your big day. This allows you to really trust all of your wedding creatives, so you can fully relax and enjoy your wedding.

      What brings you the greatest joy in your life?

      Our two dogs bring us immense joy. We are the proud dog parents of a border collie named “Sherman” and a small mix named “Cricket.” They really are the light of our lives!

      What brought you to Tahoe?

      We originally moved to Reno/Tahoe to attend the University of Nevada, Reno. We fell in love with the area and decided to put down roots here.

      What is a must-see hidden gem in Lake Tahoe?

      We really love the Desolation Wilderness. It’s a fantastic area for hiking and backpacking, and there are so many beautiful lakes to explore.

      Describe Lake Tahoe to someone that has never been here.

      Lake Tahoe is truly majestic. Between the pristine lake and towering mountains, it is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world.

      Tahoe lifestyle: winter or summer?

      We cannot choose between winter or summer; we love them both. We enjoy skiing at Kirkwood in the winter and boating on one of the many regional lakes in the summer. We really have the best of both worlds in this area.

      If you were not a videographer, what would you do?

      Kyle’s Answer: If I was not a wedding videographer, I would probably be working on nature documentaries. I love filming wildlife and watching animals in their natural element. Melissa’s Answer: If I was not a wedding videographer I would try my hand at floral design. It’s a beautiful art form and it’s one of my favorite design elements of a wedding.

      What inspires your work?

      We are inspired by excellent storytelling, whether it’s the work of an author, photographer, Hollywood filmmaker or fellow wedding videographer. Storytelling is such a profound part of human history; it is what connects us to each other and to our past. So for us, it is at the core of what we do. When we are editing a film, the single most important thing is that we get the story right. Our films needs to be an authentic reflection of each couple, and they need to stand the test of time. They become part of a family legacy and many decades down the line our films will connect people to their past and to each other. That is what inspires us.

      What is a fun fact about your company?

      Our company is named after a chairlift in Colorado.

      What’s the most useless talent you have?

      All talents are useful!

      What is the closest thing to real magic?

      The closest thing to real magic is fresh snowfall on the ground; we love how it blankets our surroundings and absorbs all sound, creating a peaceful and grounding silence.

      What was your go-to activity to do outside of work?

      Our go-to actives outside of work include: skiing, hiking, camping, wakesurfing and DIY projects.

      What kind of wedding guest are you?

      When it comes to being a wedding guest, we never shy away from a celebration. You will always find us on the dance floor hyping you up!

      Any song you can add to our brides’ and grooms’ budding wedding playlist? 

      We recommend every couples adds “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers to their wedding playlist! Without fail, this song gets the dance floor packed and everyone singing along at the top of their lungs. We always know we’re going to get some good dancing footage when this song comes on.

      Working in the wedding industry is not for the faint of heart. So how do you rest and rejuvenate?

      We rejuvenate by spending time by the ocean. When we feel like we need a break, we usually go camping along the Lost Coast.

      What is something people might not know about you? 

      Our goal is to get to every national park! Share travel recommendations, please!

      Any four-legged friends in your home? 

      As previously mentioned, we have two beloved dogs, a border collie named “Sherman” and a mix named “Cricket.”