Food Trucks Yay or Nay?

One of the most talked about trends this wedding season are food trucks in place of or as a compliment to traditional catering options. Not only is it fun to have a food truck at your wedding but it’s also convenient and unique. The variety of food trucks these days is amazing and not only allows you to customize your own menu but also lets you specialize in a certain type of food. There are so many ways to use food trucks. If you don’t want to use them for a full meal, let them compliment your wedding and use them as an appetizer truck during cocktail hour, or as a dessert bar or a late night snack bar at the end of the night. Here are a few tips and things to consider if you are considering incorporating a food truck into your wedding.

Variety: If you are going to go fully food truck, consider having a few as different “stations”. This will not only cut line wait times down but it will allow your guests to try a variety of different cuisines. This will also help if you want to have one truck for mains and another for dessert. Using multiple food trucks allows you to get creative!

Service: Food truck serving an entire meal usually means having your guests wait in line for food. While this creates a more casual vibe to your wedding, make sure this is the vibe that is right for you. If you’re okay with guests eating at different times and meals potentially taking longer than a catered meal then food trucks are right for you. Also consider your older guests and maybe enlist the help of some younger cousins to make sure everyone gets a meal.

Logistics: Think of where you are going to park the food trucks and how far away it is from the rest of your reception. You don’t want guests to have to walk miles with their food back to their tables so make sure you have an area big enough to accommodate both the seating as well as the food trucks. Also make sure that the area is well lit and easy to walk around.

Whether it’s a taco truck or an ice cream cart there are many directions you can go in when it comes to food trucks. With a bit of planning these tasty trucks are sure to be a hit with your guests and one they won’t forget!