Finding the Perfect Dress for Your Tahoe Wedding 

Picking your wedding dress is almost as important as finding your fiancé. Lucky for you, we talked with Reno/Tahoe’s Swoon Bridal for the most important tips on finding the perfect dress for your Lake Tahoe wedding.

We have complied some of our favorite dresses from Swoon, along with some expert advice from Swoon owner Michelle Depoali and these Swoon dresses have us seriously swooning. The bridal salon has dresses for every bride and always make you feel right at home when selecting the most important dress of your life! No pressure, right?

Whether you are having a wedding at the lake, or at one of Tahoe’s numerous ski resorts, Swoon suggests a bride should determine the mood of her wedding to start the dress selection process.

Michelle Depoali, owner of Swoon Bridal shared, “A Lake Tahoe wedding can go in so many different and beautiful directions. If a bride has a mood for her wedding it’s easy to start finding the pieces to bring that mood to life. Secondly, we want brides to think about how they want to feel that day. Is comfort important? Is a dress that moves important? Does she want to feel effortlessly chic or boho or glam (yes, this is totally possible in the mountains!) or more traditional?”

When considering a dress for a wedding in Tahoe, train length is always important. Avoiding anything that will attract dirt is something to think about. Trains are always stunning, especially in photographs so some train is always a great idea, but Swoon suggests thinking about length and location when finding your perfect dress.

Lake Tahoe is often a destination wedding location for couples, so taking precaution when traveling with your dress is always a good idea. Depoali suggests packing your dress in a hard-case suitcase because a garment bag alone is not always the best protection. She also likes to remind brides, “It’s a modern world and there are many solutions. We always say wear the dress you want and we will figure out the logistics!” So, wear what you feel best in and the rest will fall into place, no matter the distance.

The other major question is always what happens at the appointment and what should the bride bring? Swoon suggests to do your hair and put on some make-up and bring an open-mind. Depoali likes to remind brides, “Wedding dresses can be so different in person and on the body. Discovering something different that what you pictured can be a wonderful surprise.” Don’t forget your own style and to have fun! This is a day you have been dreaming about forever, so relax and have enjoy this special time.

The anticipation of trying on wedding dresses can be stressful. Swoon likes to remind brides, “Don’t make yourself crazy. We always say it can be as easy or as hard as you want to make it.It’s important to trust yourself and trust your gut. You are the one that has to wear it and it has to make you happy. No one else knows what it is like to be in your skin. The harder and more important decision you have already made–deciding on your fiancé. Your dress just needs to make you happy.”

We couldn’t agree more! You’ve already made the most important decision of your life and finding your perfect dress is the fun part! Swoon Bridal has stunning dresses and a great staff to help you find the dress you have been dreaming about.