Fairytale Wedding Ideas For Lake Tahoe

I get it, you’re a Tahoe Girl: you’re outdoorsy, classy, and unique. So fairytale wedding might not have been the first thing you Pinterested after you got the ring. But fairytale might be the perfect theme for your Tahoe wedding. Fairytale means more than eloping to Disneyland and wearing a huge, pink ballgown (although there’s nothing wrong with that!). Fairytale implies a sweet, romance that can be portrayed in many different ways. Think Snow White wedding in the woods, Cinderella and Prince Charming leaving in a horse-drawn carriage, exotic views of far-far-away, and the cozy, intimateness of candlelight. Keep scrolling to find unique, Tahoe inspired ways to include a little fairytale to your wedding.

Riding a horse into or out of the ceremony would be an adorable way to show off one of your favorite hobbies or just a romantic advantage of an outdoor wedding in Tahoe. There are many things to consider when including an animal in a wedding, however. Consider the temperament of the horse – is s/he good in crowds, will s/he scare or tire easily, is s/he calm enough or will the wedding be too long for her/him? Be sure to ask your venue if it’s allowed and check with guests that there are no allergies or fears of animals.

Think castle: Thunderbird Lodge. The Lodge is very castle-like with its large, imperfect brick, stunning views of Tahoe, and surrounding forest-like gardens. The “castle” can be, and has been, used as a wedding venue. The best part, no matter what your style is, the castle can show your personality. For more inspiration on Thunderbird Lodge go here.

Thunderbird Lodge Wedding

Why not highlight your Tahoe Fairytale by taking your ceremony and/or reception to the lake! Imagine saying vows on the lake with the sun setting behind you. Or dancing on the deck by the moonlight. More perks: it would be cozy, an unforgettable experience for your guests, and decorations can be minimal – such as a garland or strings of lights. If it doesn’t work for the actual wedding, consider taking engagement photos on a smaller boat: it’ll set the wedding in a romantic light before it even starts.

Get that stunning view of far-far-away by getting to your favorite view-point. The great impact of Tahoe’s beauty will be greater with your true love and a gorgeous dress. Explore the basin with your beau or return to a peak that is special to you two.