Fairy Lights and Other Bright Ideas for Your Tahoe Wedding

Lighting is everything, especially for an outdoor wedding. Wedding lights can set the mood, influence guests on where to be, and showcase your wedding location.

With outdoor weddings, especially in Lake Tahoe, utilize the trees for your lighting. Hanging tree lights are romantic and almost have a magical aspect about them. They look stunning at dusk and create ambiance when the sun has gone down.

If you are having a tent at your wedding it gives you the opportunity to play with your lighting. Fairy lights are always a classic go to, but with a tent space it gives you opportunity for chandeliers. Whether it’s one big one or a few smaller hanging ones, chandeliers can definitely step up your light game.

Exposed light bulbs are a newer lighting trend and we are big fans of this bright idea. It is a bit more of a modern look to have the exposed light bulbs with visible wires but it pairs really well with some of our other favorite wedding trends such as geometric decorations. This is also a look that goes well both indoors and outdoors.

Lighting of a lantern is a tradition from Asia that symbolizes happiness and a bright future. Who doesn’t want those two things? Releasing lanterns at your wedding is sure to be something you or your guests never forget and a great way to end the night…just make sure you check for permission first!